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Do U Parker Fly???


i love strats and my teles, non master marshalls, voxys and fender combos...

but eversince i saw joni mitchell w/ a parker guitar with what looked like an all natural spruce body, i wanted one! the thought of super even notes all over the neck, balanced body, and yes, the body shape is really growing on me.

anyone wanna share some insight into them? and yes, POST PICS!


You'd be better off at www.parkerguitars.com

You will find both love and hate for the Fly here.

I do not own a Fly but do own a P44 (not in the Fly league. Its really a Nitefly with a wooden neck) and I love it.


I just traded this one away. I love 'em but the neck has gotten uncomfortable to play with some arthritis. They are a hightech wonder and mine was unusual in that it was a hardtail with factory Duncans. It sounded like the best SG you ever heard.
Don't feel too sorry for me though....I traded it for an ES-339! :)



I've owned two 1998 Parker Fly Deluxes, both played absolutely amazingly. Neck is fast as hell, silky smooth, with incredible fret access...

Here's the but... the sound never, ever did it for me. No matter what amp i used and how i dialled it in - with drive it sounded too compressed, clean it sounded too sterile.


i had a italian plum fly deluxe. it ultimately went because the neck was too thin and the sound was also a little on the thin side. i played a mojo that i thought sounded much better. i slightly prefer the pre-us_music_corp electronics.


Silver Supporting Member
Parker Nite Fly's exceptional. Owned a couple and decided I needed to take the leap to the high dollar Fly's. I could not get rid of it fast enough!
I have a NiteFly. I'm unsure of the model because the serial number doesn't match any documentation on the Parker site. It's 3 single coils and probably a maple body - no piezo pickups. It's not as airy as a Strat. That said, I love it as a Roland VG-99 controller. The electric guitar and amp models in particular play and sound great with this thing.


I have had over dozen Flys settling on 6 with fatter necks. I play nothing but Flys now totally spoiled me. Any other guitar feels like rock wheels. The tone is as versatile as any guitar, pickups can be changed with a little extra effort. They respond a lot to the wood they are made of a Spruce Fly called an Artist sounds different than a Deluxe or Classic and the Mojo with its Mahogany neck and Duncans sounds very fat and warm.



Love mine, used to have 2 sold one but after an almost 14 years with no band suddenly I'm starting to play again, so I have been using it for practice and that guitar is just great to play, never out of tune, great tone (to me I don't need to change the pick ups)

They are very comfortably to play, possibly the easiset guitar to play. I really was not expecting that, and that's why I sold the other one, now I have one similar color, though I don't thing the same (majestic blue) on layaway, since as someone mentioned, it has spoiled me, I play the other day with my CE-24 and was very tired by the end of the practice...

Another thing is to me I preffer the old style electronics than the new one, I did not like either the electronics and the pick-ups.

As a bad point is that the volume is a little on the way, is just a matter to be carefull, otherwise, these guitars are really great, I once was despicing them but once I start to play them found out how good they really are.

Hope you have a good experience with them.

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