Do you have a guitar that's so amazing...


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... it makes it a challenge to enjoy other guitars?

My LP is like this, at least when playing with my band. Any time I'm playing another guitar, while they can have their moments, I'm pretty much "faking it" and just itching to get back to the LP.

It's great, as obviously I'm happy to own such a killer guitar. Yet it's a bit frustrating at the same time, as I want to buy and enjoy other guitars, but when it comes to playing live in the band, nothing comes close to the LP.

Anyone else?


I have a 70s partcaster strat like that. It shouldn't be great because of the all the stuff you hear about Fender's 70s quality but I like it. It's been refinished, then stripped again and refinished in nitro.


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My Tuttle 60s T is head and shoulders above anything else I own. So much so that even my good guitars don't feel like they come close.

That means I never play the other guitars.

Every once in a while I'll take one out and play it for a while... and it will remind me of why I bought it in the first place. Makes me think I should play it more.

Then I pick up the Tuttle again and realize why I stopped playing the other guitars.

It's very much a first world problem. Makes me wonder why I own a dozen guitars or so. I guess the answer is... because I can?

Anyway... here's the Tuttle in action. I went from being the guy who kept showing up at gigs with different guitars... sometimes a different guitar for each set... to the guy who always played the same guitar for the entire show at every single gig.



I had that first epiphany after playing my PRS Brent Mason....made me never want to play a strat again, and I haven't.


My TMG Dover has such awesome tone and playability that I do not need to play any other guitar. With the HSS set-up on it, I can cover most of the tones that I would need anyway.


Nope. I have two guitars that play so naturally that they are essentially extensions of my hands, but I still enjoy the others, too.
At one point I had over 20 guitars, and someone in my band would roll their eyes as I showed up at rehearsal or a gig with a different one almost every time. The group included a LP standard, a couple of cool US strats, a US tele, a PRS DGT, PRS Mira, a Collings 335 style, and more.

About 3 years ago, circumstances led me to part with all but two... and now... I rarely miss or long for any of the others. Maybe the PRS DGT and Collings would be nice to have back.

Now, my band mates tell me I've never sounded better or more consistent.

My number one is a PRS SE Tremonti... the first edition, without the trem. It's a beautiful, natural mahogany. I installed a pair of PRS US McCarty pups and the guitar just SINGS. I don't know if I'll never get another itch for more guitars... probably... but if you asked my band... I'm fine with this one for as long as I need.


I picked up a classic series strat with a V Neck about 7 months ago, and I haven't even taken another guitar out of its case since I got it.

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