Do you have gear secrets you won't share with us?


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I've discovered several cool things about gear and playing and developed or learned about mods, combinations of gear, techniques, and just general helpful concepts through the years, some of which I learned by reading here. I'm not sure a lot of them are widely useful, but I've noticed even though I tend to share pretty freely here in threads where it seems appropriate, sometimes I hesitate a bit. There are several reasons to hold back - sometimes its gear that I've found that is in limited supply and I don't want competition to buy those things, sometimes its stuff that has probably limited usefulness to anyone but me, sometimes I have the delusion that its something that I can work with to define my own style I don't want preempted. Whatever. I'm guessing there are others on here that are even more reticent with "trade secrets". Feel free to either spill the beans in this thread or just confirm that you have aces up your sleeve you plan to keep to yourself.

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