Do you or have you used a headset microphone when playing live?

Wyatt Martin

I haven't but our drummer does. I honestly couldn't tell you the brand but I think it's a Shure. Probably about the cheapest model one could possibly buy would be my guess.

To me it seems to add an almost muffled kind of honky midrange to his vocals that isn't representative of his natural voice despite the eq settings on the mixer. He just sings back up but I wouldn't be happy with the sound if it was lead vocals.


I used to be in a party band in the early 2000s and had to sing while hitting my pedals and guitar synth, a real tap dance with a lot of floor devices. Rather than wonder where the mic was while doing this, I opted for a headset mic, the Crown 300 something or other.

It did the job but had a few drawbacks. One was you couldn’t work the mic in and out of its proximity to your mouth, it was always in the same place. It also was live all the time unless you killed it, so I used a momentary switch if I needed to talk off-mic, cough, etc. it was also uncomfortable. When I left that band I put it away and never looked back.


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I used to use one years ago when I played at church, but I grew tired of never being able to be 'off mic' when either speaking or sneezing or coughing...

I went back to a regular mic-on-a-stand and never looked back.


I used to have a Crown CM312 that I used during my Karaoke Shows that just sounded amazing. I did use it once while playing guitar but it just felt to Weird so that was the only time I used it.
I have a Sennheiser wireless setup and have used both Galaxy Audio and Countryman headsets, Broadway-style. They sound good, but the comments above regarding always being at full volume are a liability that takes some adjusting.

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