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Do you own Celeb gear?


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I have a slide that belonged to "Honeyboy Edwards" - he dropped it during the show, pulled out another. It was under the drum riser when we tore down to load out.


I had GAS for a Larrivee Jumbo J-10. Only one around for sale was at Elderly and previously belonged to Paul Gilbert (sold on Ebay by TechnoEmpire...they sell for a lot of musicians clearing gear). Got it even though I didn't know much about him...I'm a fan now. It's a great guitar, though it was apparently damaged in the Northridge earthquake in California in 94. Only cosmetic...great player and low action.


I own 6 of Bugs Henderson's guitars and 3 of his amps. 3 guitars are PRS. His Custom 24, Modern Eagle 2, and a 10th Anniversary McCarty. Others are his candy apple red old Gibson 345 (I have a pic of Bugs on stage with Clapton and Freddie King, Freddie is actually playing this guitar), Linhof special Tele and a Flaxwood Lekki. Amps are a custom built 4x10 Vibro King, PRS Dallas head with both 4x10 and 2x12 cabs, and a bone stock Fender CVR.

We were friends and I played in his band (mainly Texas gigs and a few tours) the last four years of his life. He was the coolest, kindest, funniest guy and the absolute scariest guitar player I ever saw. Ever. I miss him every day.
The closest thing I have to that is my Marshall DSL50, which Rob Balducci used when we both played at Jemfest Melbourne.

When I was a teenager I unsuccessfully tried to get my dad to buy me a black 70s Strat owned by Ross Hannaford of Daddy Cool. The story goes that he bought a bunch of 70s Strats and did the Clapton thing of taking the best bits of each to make one he really loved. Then he put the remaining bits together into a few guitars and sold them. Y'know, kinda like in the movie 'Twins' how Danny DeVito was the junk DNA of Arnold.


I have a Teese rmc3 and a roger Mayer Octavia that I got from Philip Sayce .


I once owned an ESP tele that allegedly the guy from Letterrman's band owned. It was a real player and probably the best guitar I ever owned. Kick myself for selling it. I picked it up at 23rd street guitars in NYC, right next to the Chelsea hotel. They had the greatest stuff in there, and the stories to match.


I had a John Jorgensen Sig G&L ASAT that was owed and heavily used by Butch Walker, I mean this thing was played to hell. I had JJ sign it and later had Butch sign it. I sold it after some time. About 2-3 yrs ago, Will Ray (also of the Hellecasters) featured a JJ ASAT in his "Pawn Shop Finds" article in Guitar Player, he mentioned in the article how beat up it was. I emailed him checking the serial #, and in fact its the same guitar!


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I have, but to my knowledge, no longer do so. However I own old planks...who knows.

Used to own some of Stevie Salas' old gear including a pretty cool modded Marshall and a 4x12. Owned an electric sitar I picked up from Victor Krauss in a trade (super cool guy, BTW) and have sold gear to many well known players over the decades I've been at this.

Honestly, I don't pay much attention to this sort of thing except to listen for pieces I like on recordings and in performance.


My girlfriends father (rick derringer) just gifted me a mid 80's Seymour Duncan convertible amp yesterday. Was just restored by a guy who got it after his ex wife sold it from under him 12 years ago, gave it back to him. Brought back two of them and he asked me if I wanted one.
He didn't need to ask twice. Talk about ahead of its time design wise


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I have a rick Nielson guitar pick personally given to me , hey it's something
I have one of those, too. Not given to me personally, found it under my seat after the show was over. He must go through a hundred picks every show.


All I have is an SRV pick he gave me during a show, traded for my pick mid-song, which he finished the show with, and put in his pocket.

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