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Do you own Celeb gear?


My girlfriends father (rick derringer) just gifted me a mid 80's Seymour Duncan convertible amp yesterday. Was just restored by a guy who got it after his ex wife sold it from under him 12 years ago, gave it back to him. Brought back two of them and he asked me if I wanted one.
He didn't need to ask twice. Talk about ahead of its time design wise
Next time you chat with your girlfriends father ask him if he remembers a a fellow (booking agent) named Darryl Decker from his McCoy's days... or his little brother (me). I was so young I really don't have any memories of them but I understand all those guys used to hang out at our house and mess around on the piano I learned to play on. Just curious. ;)


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I bought an Ampeg Mercury M12 from a studio in Nashville,Tn. It's a '59 with the short lived 12ax7 preamp section. After paying via paypal the owner told me it was one of a few amps he recently purchased from Peter Frampton.



No, and im not really into that stuff. Id rather get the same stuff a lot cheaper than pay extra because someone else famous once owned it.
Oh, now, don't cause anyone to lose their celebrity idolatry focus. I don't know if the OP posted with tongue in cheek or not but it sure has gotten quite a turn-out of responses.

As far as gear goes, I have a notable 2nd WW fighter pilot's leather skull cap, O-2 mask, goggles and flight logs. A bunch of other memorabilia is boxed up as well that I haven't gone through yet. I don't idolize him cuz he killed a lot of people. But, I do admire his courage to do that job and then get on with a normal life. Oh, and I have his Hohner harps he played as a kid on street corners for money in Brooklyn in the Depression. They look brand new. I also have his name.


I don't own them anymore but here are a few I had

Paul Westerberg's Rickenbacker 620/12

J.Mascis Les Paul Studio(He hates humbuckers,lol).

The Gretch White Penguin above I bought from Mitch Easter.I also bought this Rickenbacker 365 from him

This CCI Mediums guitar from Charlyne Yi

Finally,this 1964 Silvertone 1413L which once belonged to Bob Hope.It was found after his death, in a storage locker filled with his personal items.



I have the Matchless 4x12 cabinet used by Tears for Fears on a US tour. Sounds so good it makes me want to shout!




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I owned a PRS Custom 22 that was made for and/or owned by Myles Kennedy.


I knew a guy who was jeff buckley's tech at the very end of his career and has his red tele with a strat neck that Jeff had custom made, but passed away beforegetting to use it on his 2nd album

Thats not it. but from the internet of a tele with a strat neck (cause visual is better)


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