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Do you play differently on different guitars?

I would be fine jamming my #1 guitar all the time... But I have other nice guitars that offer something different.

Lately, I've been taking out my G&L Legacy... It's a very sweet sounding guitar, but not very aggressive. So to change things up, I've tried to reduce the number of notes I play by about 80%... Making every note count and focusing on playing precisely in time. (It's kind of tough when others take a solo and rush or play ahead of the beat.)

So playing this guitar has made me look at my style of playing, and it's now changing. More melodic and less pyro. It's working for me. It has a beautiful tone that wouldn't be noticable in 100 note runs.


I play by myself these days, haven't played in a band in ages. I tend to play different material on my Strat than I do on my 335 style or archtop Washburn. As far as playing style goes, the Strat is my comfort zone. As such I find myself being a bit more adventurous and creative on that guitar.


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Yep! I associate certain guitars with certain styles but it's more about the feel; neck profile, electronics, scale length, etc.


If I’m just jamming and allowing myself to be inspired by the instrument and sound, then yes absolutely. Different sounds and voices can lead me different places. That said I also enjoy intentionally playing outside a guitar’s “comfort zone.” It can be very fun to hammer out some metal riffs on a single coil Strat. And the process of getting that kind of tone out of the guitar is also pretty educational.


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I played a Strat for many years and sold it when I "discovered" Teles. A day or two ago I was in the local shop and picked up an EJ Strat because it looked like my old one. After playing it for 10-15 minutes, I thought to myself "I don't play like this anymore". There were a lot of cool licks and riffs I was doing that I just don't play on Teles or any other guitars. There was just this familiarity and comfort level with the Strat that I don't have with my current guitars when I play them. Now I have to figure out how to raise some cash for that Strat.


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Yes, I play differently on my main guitar - a 2 humbucker 6 string - than I do on my single pickup guitars, my electric 12 string and my S and T type guitars; and also of course on my acoustic. The acoustic makes me play the most differently, mostly because of its sound, but also its longer scale length.


Yes. I tend to play chords and do a lot of picking on Teles. On LPs and superstrats I almost always shred. On 335s and regular strats I play tired old blues licks. :D


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Yeah, definitely. 335s are my default guitars - I love how they sound and feel, I've been playing one sice I was 18 and I'm a big fan of them. Having said that, there are often times when I pick up my 335 to work on a track and everything I play on it sounds like something I've done before, probably recently, probably by the same band so I'm not going to get away from it. Changing to a different style of guitar is often the tool I need to get out of that rut and file up with something different and fresher.

In the last couple of years I've found Rickenbackers the ideal foil to a 335, being a high quality guitar that I naturally play very differently, but I also have an old Gretsch which is pretty horrible to play but I like that feeling sometimes of a guitar that really fights me and I've had some great results out of that Gretsch, and I have some quirkier vintage things from the 50s and 60s that are good for out of the box thinking.


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Yes. Different scale lengths , radius and single coils vs humbuckers . I approach a strat different than an SG which is different than my broadcaster and so forth.

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