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Do you unplug your surge protector/power bar when not in use?


I've always just left my surge protector plugged in and turned on at all times. I have plugged into it, my Fender Champion 600 (yep), fuzz pedal and TU-3 plugged in via 9V adaptors.

Is this seriously bad news for energy consumption? I've honestly never thought much of it until yesterday. I figured the surge protector should stay on so that the equipment isn't negatively effected during roll-outs or whatever. I turned the power off last night and then unplugged it, and even just that moment of unprotection sketched me out. Do you think that's bad?

Also, is it bad to unplug just the outlet end from the adaptor of a pedal? or should it be the pedal end first? I'm thinking if you unplug the cords from the outlet end from the surge protector and leave the other ends connected to the pedals, then you can just turn off the surge and unplug it from the wall without problem.

What do you all do?
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I don't unplug them, but I do turn them off. I believe the surge protection occurs regardless of whether the power bar is turned off or on. Perhaps someone with more electrical knowledge will chime in to confirm that.

I turn them off because I have OCD, more than anything else.
i think its called phantom power consumption, like those little red standby lights on home entertainment equipment, etc.

its negligable. dont waste another minute thinking about it. theres MUCH better ways to save money.

you dont need to unplug the pedal from the powerstrip and then unplug the powerstrip. thats insane. just turn off your gear then turn off the power strip if you want, its not even necessary. any type of voltage surge will destroy the strip and your gear will be fine, regardless of whether or not the surge protector is on.
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I just shut down all the high draw amps/preamps etc then unplug whole thing at wall plug. I'd rather not have digital rack gear and pedals plugged into wall when not using them in case a power storm/lightning surge comes along when I'm not home.

Everything is plugged into one of these at wall. When I'm done it's unplugged from wall.



Turn off the power strip. Only unplug it if there is still an LED on it. Every little bit counts.


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For my amp and stuff? Well, I'm not gonna just leave it at the place!
At home? If there was a lightning storm nearby, you bet I would. I'd disconnect everything until it passes. But I live in Cali, so it's not really a common thing for us.

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