Do you use effects?


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I would have put this in effects pedals & things, but I had a feeling that everyone would probably say yes.

So, do YOU use effects?

I am not referring as much to distortion/OD pedals, but more towards modulation, delay, etc...

Why do you or why don't you?

Just curious.


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I use delay and chorus.

The delay is for slapback stuff and spaced out sounds (its an AD9 so I get all that warble by turning knobs).

The chorus is for ballads, skronked-out Scofield stuff, and reggae tunes.


Only occasionally,i don't get to play out though,and i rarely feel the need at home,i don't use OD pedals in anycase,because they always sound like OD pedals.The only one i own is a BJF Honeybee,which is really nice but it ain't gonna compete with a nice tube amp overdrive.I can see how they're useful tools though,still preferable to channel switching amps to my ears.

Pedals i do use sometimes are BJF MGMV(stunning sounding thing) BJF PGC,BJF SBEQ(both very useful),the honey bee and a trem pedal.sometimes the odd fuzz or treble booster.Oh and a Stereo memory man with Hazarai,most fun toy ever,i probably use that the most actually.

Mostly though i so can't be arsed,i'm happiest with a great guitar into a great amp.


I would like to, but it's too much of a sacrifice on my amp's tone to use the fx loop. If it didn't affect the tone, I'd like to run a little delay and clean boost to thicken solos.


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I do use delay a lot, but that's about it. I have a wah pedal that gets used very sparingly. I did just add a TC G Major to my rig for reverb and delay. Pretty much just set and forget. I may try to incorporate some of it's other effects in the future. I'd also like to try out the new Fuchs Trem pedal when it's available. I find that having too many effects just gets in the way of everything. It clutters your tone and your pedalboard, and I've never felt that modulation effects came off well in a live setting. It was never worth it to me to have a bunch of stuff that gets used so sparingly and doesn't really add anything to my tone. I've always tried to keep things simple.


I really just use delay although sometimes I add a bit of spring reverb on the amp, not often though. I dropped the chorus and phaser from my board because I never used them and they just sucked tone with no benefit to me by keeping them.


Yesterday I bought an old, cast box Boss BF-1 flanger. I think these were about the first of the commercially available stomp box type flangers. I know Neal Young used to use them. It can go from fairly typical analog flanging to some really wacky oscillation. The only other time based pedal I have is a Line 6 DL-4 Delay Modeler. Its sounds aren't as good as the best of the individual pedals are but good enough. I don't know of another pedal that does so much so well in one box at anywhere near the price.


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yea I use effects...whatever I think fits the song...though I should point out that I hate chorus...univibe/phase/wah are ok and delay/echo are on all the time


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Yea, not so much phaser, flanger territory... but use chorus & mild uni-vibe on my cleans, delay on my dirt. I'm a very rhymic player with lots of palm mutes in funky places. That lends itself to delay pretty well. Have a wah, almost never use it (and only for covers when I do).


Delay, lots. I have a wah too. The rest is overdrive or compression. I do however want to get more modulation pedals, I'm waiting to see how people compare the TC Modulator to the Eventide Timefactor. I also want to get a HOG. I used to use a whammy that is built into my rp-20, but I stopped using that.


I like to have a wah, went years w/o one but always seem to come back. I use Fulldrive II. I use delay in place of reverb, I set it and leave it on. I use an octaver for some single note things that I need to jump out. Thats the normal board, I also run the ultimate effect, the Roland GR33 and blend that into my normal signal. I'm doing covers as a single guitarist, this rig helps me fill it out ( thinking of adding a looper too )


On a typical 30ish tune night:
Leslie sim on 2 - 3 tunes
Vibe on 2 - 5 tunes
Trem on 2 - 4 tunes
Delay on 10 - 20 tunes (mostly short, low repeat stuff for solos)
Just started playing around with them.

RMC3>SunLion>MojoVibe>Volume Pedal>16 Second Delay/Looper/Foot Contoller

It's fun fooling around and the fuzz and the wah is a geeky blast on some songs. The Vibe has it uses. The Looper is good for playing along with and layering tracks (I had fun with Jump Into The Fire).

But all and all they are tone suckers and just take the mojo out of the amp.

Hot Pickups, Hot Neck, Hot Amp thats all I really need to hear my amps at their best.

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I'm an effectfreak, i love all kinds of pedals and stuff, but most of the time I don't use them with band. Not even distortion or fuzz. I play rhythm guitar and i prefer more overdriving my amp and adjusting the amount of od with volume knob or with pickups. If you listen to some old rock and roll and blues records you can hear that loud and clean guitar can be even more powerful than highly distorted, compressed one.
Effects are great if you know how to use them...

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