Do you use more than one guitar when gigging?

Usually two: one main instrument and a secondary for alternate tunings, slide work, and a backup. It usually works that I can changing tunings on the second guitar between sets so its ready for a quick guitar change during the show.


I have been gigging a strat and a tele for the last few years. If there is a real easy load in or for maybe a real important gig I’ll bring 3.

I stick with the Strat as long as I can...I’m pretty much straight in (other than reverb and trem with tweeds) so the blackguard has much more gain if I need to push the amp or fake a gibson tone. Also one of the bands the Frontman doesn’t like to take breaks so we might do 3 1/2 hrs straight. For this last NYE it was like 5 hrs straight. I just get bored during those long sets or the guitar feels a little out of tune or it’s nice to go to a different neck shape.

For ease of load in I wish I could find the guitar I could do it all with. I have broke strings on gigs before it was nice to just switch guitars.

I use one amp but have another one sitting there as with my beater vintage amps you never know when one will go down. Sometimes I have a bigger amp set clean and the little one for breakup...I’ll just swap the cord between them too.

I use the same guitar strap...I just swap the cord switching guitars. I use a big el dorado strap with no strap locks.



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I play in a 2 guitar band. Generally, I will bring 2 guitars. 90% of the time, I'll stay on one guitar for a whole set. Occasionally, I may swap mid-set, but that is mute at the tuner, swap out guitar, verify tuning, then rock out (total of 20 seconds or so). For some of the smaller/divier shows, the other guitar player and I will share the backup (usually a cheap Epi LP with a neck repair, or an EC1000 type guitar).


I've never brought a backup to a gig, but I did do a few gigs for which I brought both an acoustic and an electric, because I thought it was important for the material.


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I always have two guitars so I can go to the backup quickly if a string breaks. On this night I had two PRS - my '06 McCarty w/Hyper Vintage Railhammers pickups and my DGT (this was a Country Club party gig - love the food at those). Other gigs, it might be that one set seems to call for a Strat, set 2 might be the Tele set - it all depends on the gig, but I do not change guitars in mid set - I sort it out to use one guitar for an entire set. That's my MKV:35 in a doorway alcove behind the stage, I always use the Cab Clone in the Boogie to go to FOH, If I don't have the MKV:35 I use a Palmer DPI09 direct box to the PA, no messy mic cords in front of my amp, there's enough spaghetti on stage as it is.


For me, it has depended on the band and what I needed. I have almost always taken at least two guitars. I have played a few gigs where I only took one. In these situations I typically stayed on one guitar for the whole gig unless there was a reason to change, like trem vs hardtail.

I was carrying 5 guitars to each gig for one band I was in. We played a lot of songs with different tunings as well as humbucker and single coil tones. We had a male and female singer in the band. The female lead songs tended to be in a different tuning for some reason.


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Main guitar is a floating trem Strat.

Only grab the other (hard-tail) for a drop tuned song, if any.

I can't remember the last time I broke a string. It just quit happening. :aok


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At least 3 as we have songs in Drop D, C+ and C and then regular tuning on top of that. Usually 5 as it is such a hassle live to change tunings on my Floyd Rose or floating bridges. I used to gig with just one before this band with all tunings and just take a back u[p guitar or 2 just in case.

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