Dodgy pickup switch - help


I've got a MIM Fat Strat, and I am having issues with the pickup switch.

When I try to switch to the neck pickup it cuts in and out. Other times it's fine. Other times I switch to the neck pickup and there is nothing.

Is this a situation where I can just spray a little contact cleaner on the switch? Or is more likely bad switch or poorly soldered switch?


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I agree with Johnny. Once you start having trouble like that it's just not worth the hassle trying to doctor up an old switch. If the contact points are worn or stretched out it's a losing battle. One thing to check before you do that is if the slot in the pickguard is allowing the switch lever to move all the way into position. You may have to get in there with a little file or blade and remove a bit of material. You might also check that the solder joints are solid. As for shooting some contact cleaner in there, it can't hurt, but dirty contacts don't usually cause it to cut out completely... usually just cause it to sound scratchy.


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Just change it. Get a nice switch, the MIM ones are cheap box type switches, a better one will last a good long time.
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Step one should be contact cleaner.
If that doesn't work try touching up the solder joints.
If that doesn't work either, then yeah, buy a CRL and move on with your life.

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