Does anyone here own a Morris amp?


Hey folks, I'm planning out my next amp purchase and I've decided I'd like to get something really nice this time out and I'll probably sell some of my cheaper gear to fund it.

I'm thinking I'll go the boutique route and I'd like to go with a Canadian builder. So; I've been looking at a bunch of Canadian builders and I'm pretty sure I've settled on the Morris Mo-Jo.

I guess this is just my attempt to gather some info. Anyone on TGP rock a Morris? How was the experience? Morris seems like a pretty good guy, definitely seems to know his stuff. Does your amp sound as great as the amps in the youtube videos? I've heard them live before and they sure sounded great to me....but that was quite a few years back. So, any reason I shouldn't start saving my cash?


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Save your money and buy one.
Really great 30 watt Cathode Bias Plexi amp!
Two separate volume control that are footswitchable too.
One sounds a little more scooped than the other.
Amp loves greenbacks or G12h30's....also a mix of G12h30/V30 as well as the evm12l.
I'm really curious about Morris amps, particularly the Grinder and Perplex'd models. From what I've heard through clips they sound great but don't seem to get mentioned very often.


ive owned several morris amps.. combos and heads. mostly custom orders.. i currently have a custom morris combo. He is local to me (45 mins away) and i had dealt with him a lot in the past. In fact even had him and his son over one afternoon for a gear shoot out with some guitar buddies. Amazing guy and very very talented. His stuff is top notch.

I cannot give a better recomendation than that.. buy a morris. heck if Joe Perry is rocking one they must be good.


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He knows his stuff. Been fixing and modding amps since Christ was a cowboy. Very meticulous, extremely intelligent guy. Like all greats he's also a little eccentric but in a good way. You can't go wrong unless it's on resale value.


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I have a Mojo and I think its a great plexi style amp. Two channels, foot switchable. First channel is clean and the second has quite a bit more gain. But its glorious power tube gain. I love the voicing of the amp which also has a bit of chime.

My Mojo is 33 watts and switchable down to 15 watts where its still pretty load. No master volume in mine, but newer models have power scaling. Workmanship seems very good. I will try and create some clips in the near future.

Jared Purdy

Great guy for sure. A couple of years go I was contemplating one of his amps. At the time it was either the Mojo or the Producer. I preferred what could be gotten out of the Producer in terms of a variety of tones, but at 40 watts, and a 210, it was way more than I needed.

He invited me over, and like one other poster mentioned, I live quite close to him, about an hour away. He is meticulous to a fault. His amps are CSA approved, one of the most rigorous approval agencies on the planet. Everyone of his amps is inspected. Very knowledgeable, and funny to boot. I'm not sure how much he deviates from the platforms that he offers, so if there is something that you're looking for, you might want to speak to him about that first.


The recording studio where my shop is had the band Monster Truck play there for a local radio station and their guitar player Jeremy played thru a Morris. Sounded great!


I've had a single channel Perplex'd for a long time. I absolutely love it. Covers all things British from gritty cleans all the way to 80's hard rock/metal. Great loop and the best master volume I've ever used. I owned numerous high gain amps before the Perplex'd put an end to my search. I also briefly owned a Rockgrinder. Cool amp but the Perplex'd is more my style.

I also agree with everything said here about Glen.


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I can't say enough great things about Morris amps and Glen Morris himself. I have a custom amp on the way and have never anticipated a piece of gear this much. I'll post some pics and a review soon, but for now, let me just say that in terms of tone, feel, and just overall vibe, Morris amps are a work of art. They're also built extremely well. Glen Morris has a fantastic ear for tone and he really listens to every customer. If you tell him something sensible, he will consider it and may even implement it in his design. Unfortunately here in the US, most people are wrapped up the next greatest thing that they overlook many greater things.

I have a pretty good respect for Friedman amps, for instance, but I wouldn't take a Friedman over a Morris any day of the week. There is just something more to his sound that makes playing expressive and inspirational. Keep in mind that I have absolutely no relationship or affiliation with Morris. I'm just a guy who has spent a great deal of money, like many other gear whores, only to come around full circle to find something of the highest quality that doesn't necessarily revolve around a big name or hype.

In fact, Morris is one brand among many that should get more respect. Koch amps, though more of a commercial product than boutique, make some very well-built amps with great features and great sounds. They aren't cheaply built in any aspect. I owned a couple of them, particularly a Twintone I and a Studiotone which served me with aplomb for a few years. Unfortunately, they don't get much attention on the American market.

Essentially, there are three sources providing the absolute best gear: US, Europe, and Japan. I think Traynor amps did a fair job of paving the way for greater Canadian builders, so hopefully we can see more boutique stuff out of Canada. Importing and exporting over the Canadian border would be much cheaper than the UK and Japan, and I think Canada is very capable of duplicating the quality of US goods, so that would be great to add to the variety we're seeing on the US market these days.

Anyway, pretty much any Morris audio I've heard has been great. Also check out the Producer which, if it wasn't so expensive to produce, would be next on my must-have list. Incredible tone from that amp.
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That "Perplex'd" head is right up my alley. All the features I'd want, none I don't.


That "Perplex'd" head is right up my alley. All the features I'd want, none I don't.
Glen lives and builds the amps only 100 miles from you Phil. I'm sure you could get an opportunity to play one if you contact him.


I live literally around the corner from Glen. He's an absolute genius with amp circuits. I've sat there and watched him read a schematic, and tell me what that particular design would sound like. He's meticulous and brutally honest. As for his amplifiers, you'd be hard pressed to find a better built amp anywhere, and yes, they also sound fantastic.


Recently picked up a Morris Perplex'd. Now I haven't played every boutique and vintage amp out there, but so far (still in the honeymoon phase), I'll say this is the best amp I've ever played. Simply fantastic.

If anyone in the DFW area wants to check it out, hit me up.

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