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Does anyone know the thinking behind the Blackfire series?

Thom Masseurs

Hello everyone. This is a repost from another subforum where they said you guys might have a better idea.

In my daily lookout for microphones I have happend to have bought more than one microphone from Sennheisers' Blackfire series. My personal favourite vocal mic for my voice is the 5032p (I have a 4032 as back up). I like them better than my Neumans (104+ and 105). I also have a 531, 521 and had a 527 (sold that because it didn't work on anything I record). And have had access to the 509.

But why was this series created from a marketing perspective? The 521 and 541 lose the roll off at the connector so you'd think more midrange. But the 5032 and 509 are amazing microphones that are no different from their 4xx counterparts. So does anyone know where this series was supposed to sit on the range? Today I might guess people who do home recording (losing "complex" features like the Bass roll off). But the 5032 has both a low cut and a dB boost.

So I've always been confused by them as a marketing idea. Can anyone shed some light? Where they more for amateurs? Was there a cultural shift I am unaware of? (Born in 1988 so the 90s are not the clearest memories)

Anyone with ideas or knowledge?


Silver Supporting Member
No idea. Only that it was the line before the Evolution series. Read something about the name being bad for marketing in the US due to the LA riots, but they pushed the series name in Europe. There is an interview I read that the E series were the first created by a group of international sales people and zero sound engineers involved at the concept stage. I linked the interview/article below


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