Does anyone make a low output HB that is designed to slipt well?


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Seems i recall this years ago but not sure. I've tried splitting low output HB's and it never works because one coil by itself is too low an output and sounds thin/weak. So i use super distortions for this. But they are much higher output than i want in this particular guitar when in full HB mode. The one i seem to recall i think had one coil that was hotter and one low wound coil so combined they were fairly low output but when split to the hotter coil gave good SC sounds. Somehow they made it humbucking even tho the coils were mismatched. I may be imagining this, but i think i recall it. Does anything like that exist today? I want the full HB mode to be no more than a slightly hotter PAF output.


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I think PRS does something with resistors on the DGT that addresses this. You should be able to pull up a schematic from their site. You can also add a resistor on the push pull so that when split the single coil mode sees 250k instead of 500k. I also believe Fralin makes a bucker that behaves the way you are describing? Maybe the unbucker?

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All of the modern PRS pickups, split with very little volume loss. I've used Starla pickups, since 2009. But the pickup is so bright, that I just use my tone control, in the humbucking more.


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Zhangbuckers work well for splitting. There's a hot coil and a weaker coil. When in split mode the Hot coil is on.. sounds great. Not much volume loss, but a big shift in tone


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I have a Bareknuckle in a one pup guitar. Splits perfectly with no volume loss at all.
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The question is people, while those may all split well, are they low PAF to at most slightly hot PAF in output when in HB mode? Thats the key. '

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