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Does Gene Baker make a budget guitar line now?

Trebor Renkluaf

I was hit by a parked car, what's your excuse?
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Hey Trebor!

We have something up our sleeve that will replace the Crucible and I'm itching to bust one out, Gil and I were just talking about that a few days ago......

Be careful what ya wish for you just might get it.

Thanks guys!:BEER


those aren't BOLT ONS...they're ... implant substitutes!

um ... not that I NEED a bolt on .... just curious - you know... for the guys around here that might NEED a bolt on.

Just trying to help! :rolleyes:

In this case, the use of the term bolt on wasn't referring to a guitar, so much as a euphemism.


The USA is crammed full of everything from cars to radios to appliances
to watches to clothing to you name it from other countries. Guitars are one of the few things the US still makes better than anyone else (for the most part).
I realized the only things that are all made in America in my house are my guitars and amps and pedals. Virtually evrything else I see or touch in my house comes from another country!
I talked to Neil Youngs equipment tech about all the new up and coming guitar makers and his response was "Uh, well you can get a Eastwood for half the money". That struck a chord with me. Is money the only consideration here? IMHO all American guitarists should feel somewhat of an obligation to buy American. Especially pro's. I know its not such a popular point of view so no flames, but its my feeling that America has the widest choice bar none and American guitars will always be worth more than an import. So buy American. (Steps off soapbox).

>As long as it sounds good and it's good quality who cares where it's coming from ?



Heres a link for who ever wants to take a peek at some of ther new stuff going on found thru the dealer network hub. I also just finished machining a few of our first run of these XT-Bird-ish fiddles I was mentioning. Not sure what to even call them yet quick screen print pic for ya though. We just finished cutting the first 6, 3 of each all Mahogany/Rosewood boards and I'll zap up some pics once we get one sanded and rough assembled for some pickin. Today I need to make me some pickguard templates for em. Ignore the full pup route thru the T bridge I was just whacking out a quick preview for a visual.

One really cool thing is we were able to run 5 guitars of the 6 that are one solid piece of some beautiful light weight Mahogany, the only thing basically glued to it is the fretboard and headstock overlay. More than just a neck thru, one solid piece neck and wings as one, I have always wanted to try this but never had the oppurtunity, sure saves a lot of glue time just harder to find the right material, cant wait to plug it in. From the thousands of board feet we were pilaging thru we were lucky to find maybe 2 boards per pallet worthy of these guys but they were plucked just for the plan, of course they will have to be something natural to show off the wood, probably a nice faded cherry or a honey. Jonesing to plug it in.......

They have been a fun departure from our normal carve top line but no worries theres a stack of them coming together right now too in solid to hollow versions. Been trying to mix it up to keep it exciting for all, us here in the shop, dealers and all you pickers out there. OK time for the rally of chants for single cuts once again, yeah man, bring it on!:AOK

Have a great weekend one and all.


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