Does it bother you if an OD pedal cuts volume at 12 o'clock?

This used to be one of my biggest pet peeves. For whatever reason, I always felt like I was being cheated if I had to crank the level on a drive pedal to at least 2 o'clock just to match my amp volume. I used this to discriminate heavily when I would buy drive pedals in the past two years or so. One reason it was a headache is that I tend to turn on drive pedals and turn down the volume on my guitar to get a milder, still overdriven sound. Trying to get that "half clean" tone to to same level as my amp's true clean tone was a headache.

However, I'm starting to take a different approach. Not only have I gotten used to the idea of just turning the levels up, I actually appreciate the option to cut volume a bit more for when I'm playing at home with a loud amp and when I want my amp's clean tone to stand out as much as a drive pedal.

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