Does speaker matter in this situation?


I use a Rockcrusher attenuator with a Princeton Reverb to tame volume and use the direct out for recording with software IR's. I understand the Rockcrusher is a reactive attenuator so it reacts to the speaker and vice versa (correct me if I'm wrong) for a more "organic" feel.

Question is - would changing the amp's speaker make much difference in the direct signal?

For example, I currently have a high sensitivity ceramic speaker installed. If I were to change to a low sensitivity/low wattage alnico speaker, would I notice the same difference in compression (or other alnico qualities) in my direct signal that I would hear from the amp in the room?


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Well, if the marketing material on the website is to be believed, then yes, I would expect to hear a difference. I am not familiar enough with the technology enough to know in what way your direct tone will change, but I would expect it to change to a similar degree that a speaker change in an amp would offer.

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