Does TGP reflect the general musician's opinion on gear (hardware/software)?


  • Yes

    Votes: 20 9.3%
  • No

    Votes: 194 90.7%

  • Total voters

Alex Kenivel

Ill take the angle of TGP vs Facebook and whittle it down to Helix users as I am active in the large Helix FB group.

You won't find as many Jay Mitchell types discussing science/math/physics as you will find "Best IR for my FRFR?" I feel a lot smarter when I log onto Facebook but by the time I get off my IQ dropped by about 6%

RC Mike

Kind of a silly poll. Public opinion? They don’t know or care. Guitar community opinion? Most of them don’t know or care, either.


Silver Supporting Member
Well, you'd have to assume that TGP shares a common opinion...There is a definitely a recurring themes or vibes that prevail, but there's enough diverging opinions to create some hellacious threads.

Why no vote for yes & no? Some of us are non-binary & like plugging modelers into tube amps. :dunno:facepalm:dunno

Have a good one,


Will Chen

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Fixed the title and edited the first post.
I thought everyone realized this is a GEAR forum with particular emphasis on guitar gear. :D

Doesn't matter, a decent vocal majority here are downright fanatical hobbyists. Even among guitarists, you are talking about a very, very, very minute and extremely finicky group of people. I'm not just talking about this forum. Literally any forum is full of similarly mined people just dedicated to their topic.

I'll give you an example, let's say you are fit and workout 3-5 times a week. Compared to your peers, you are clearly a step up from "average". Then you join a fitness forum where everyone seems to bench 4X what you do and looks like super heroes. They all eat extremely strict diets, take a ton of supplements (and many some additional "supplements"), and follow workout regimes taking 6+ hours a day. But after a while you find out that really, only a handful of the forum members actually practice what they preach and many greatly exaggerate their numbers with some percentage not even being as fit as you are but simply regurgitating the forum religion. That's TGP.


Absolutely not at all. Take a look at the outrage concerning the NDSP QC around here.

In my experience in the real world half couldn’t care less and like the device and the other half haven’t even heard of it.

That‘s just a tiny example out of many.

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