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Does this amp exist? 50w JMP/JCM MV gain channel + pristine cleans?

I'd like an amp with a 50w JMP/JCM MV gain channel and a pristine clean channel, don't know if it exists, I don't think it does... but if anyone can point me in the right direction i'd appreciate it, I've been checking out Friedman amps and the Smallbox might be the closest, but It doesn't really sound like a JMP on the gain channel.

btw what I mean with pristine cleans = no breakup or compression at reasonable volumes.
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Splawn 50 watt Quiickrod or Supersport. the fully loaded models cover this range. Pristine clean is subjective with a marshall type of amp :)

M@tt C

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runts are too thin, haven't heard any tone from them that would cut it, seems great for rythm but not for leads.
They can be a touch thin on the high notes, but a Klon type pedal is killer for that little extra "sing." I use a Wampler Tumnus Deluxe for that, and I just got a J Rockett Rockaway Archer this week.

Still way less $$ than a smallbox! :)


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If you can demo a BE50, the clean channel is exactly as stated, it doesn't really break up. The BE channel itself is 2204 inspired so it's JMP ish, not 1987 JMP, but 2204 JMP.

And if you can demo it, put the voicing in the middle, the gain switch in the up position, and turn up the Response and mid knobs. That should fix the "Friedman's are too compressed or don't cut like a Marshall" perception, or not.. you ears might be different.


Unfortunately, they are discontinued, but I've been happy with my The Valve 2/50 head for many years. They can be found 2nd hand once in a while, at least here in Europe. Clean is very clean like the Twin. The drive channel is very versatile and with the TMB, presence and resonance controls it can be set up to sound very close to 70's or 80's Marshall. Of course speakers are always some kind of a compromise and you have to choose what you are mostly aiming for.


Bogner Goldfinger 45 Superlead would be in that direction. Fender cleans, Marshall overdrive spanning Superlead, JMP and JCM800. Tube boost on top of all that.

This video from Blake Mansfield has it cranked but it has an excellent master volume so that is not needed at all. His channel has several other videos of the amp. As well as a pile of others.



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I'd hit up Fargen if I wanted something accurate to the JCM800 sound.
Many of the Friedman amps are decent options.
The JJ100 I had sounded a lot like my JMP 2204, and had that pristine clean channel.
The Bogner 3534 I have right now is closer than any of the many other Bogners I've had. It's my fav Bogner I've owned.


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Man, I wish I could give that one a try but I’ll probably never see one where I’m at
I have a Magica. While it is a stellar amp with beautiful cleans and sweet overdrive I dont hear too much JMP in its DNA. A Splawn will do better Marshall bark but not nearly as nice cleans as the Magica. I think its a very tough task to have both beautiful Fender clean and that raw nasty Marshall bite. If ya find it let me know.

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