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Does this amp exist?


Hey guys,

I'm looking for an amp that can do some of the chime of a Vox, but with a tighter bass response, good headroom, and some good tone control. It doesn't have to be a Vox-y amp, to be honest.

I'm wondering if a Morgan RV35 might get me there or even close-gonna try to call Joe this weekend to ask him.

I played a Matchless C-30 with my rig last night and it was good, I just hated the active tone controls. I couldn't dial in and out what I wanted to.



Silver Supporting Member
You can't go wrong with the RV35. Sounds full and rich(3D). It's easy to plug in any tubes you like. There are jacks to plug in any OHMS speaker you want. It pairs with Fender guitars the best to my ears, great with PRS and Es335 as well. I need a good dirt pedal to go with it.


Silver Supporting Member
I have a Goodsell Super 17, no trem or reverb. Sounds like it might do the trick for you. The 33 will have more headroom. It is a shockingly versatile amp considering it only has three knobs.


Definitely can't go wrong with a Morgan, but if the wait times are annoying you you could always grab a Vox Handwired. The EF86 channel has a bass shift switch that tightens up bass response. You can also switch to triode which increases headroom and smoothens up the tone a little bit.

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