Does this Gibson ES-175 on CL look legit to you?


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Get the serial # and check it out w/ Gibson! It looks a bit Fibson to me, but I'd need to see it in person.


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The story and lack of detail about what appears to be a somewhat unusual ES 175 make me somewhat skeptical. Pix are inadequate, grovers ? on a 175 with all that figured wood front and back. Either some sort of overdone reissue I am not familiar with or fake. S#weird and illegible to me on phone, likewise can't make out hs shape.


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I can't imagine Gibson putting a Gibson decal on the headstock of a 175 with figured wood. Not saying it didn't happen, but it doesn't make sense. Also there is an inlaid flowerpot on the headstock with a Gibson decal?? The intense reverse chevron flame on the top and bottom is a flag as well IMHO.


Logo looks fishy as mentioned but most importantly a pic of the serial number on the back of the headstock would prove a lot too. Anyone can buy one of those labels and fake it.


I'm far from a Gibson expert (Fenders are really my thing) but that just doesn't look "right" in a lot of ways...the brown-colored logo, the flame on the wood, the Grover (or whatever they are) tuning pegs, the "Tune-O-Matic" bridge, the washed out-looking position markers, the F-holes, and the tailpiece absolutely looks wrong (look at a real one for comparison). I'm not liking the way the truss rod cover looks either.

Larry Mal

Do you notice how the "i" in Gibson on the headstock isn't where it should be? It's connected to the "G"?

I looked at some other models of that on the internet, and they don't look like that.


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Total fake, even the pickups look to be in he wrong place. Likely a Chibson ( made in China fake). It might be a decent guitar actually but not a real deal.


Sh*t no, that's no Gibson.

90% of the time or better, if someone has a Gibson that's anything besides a Les Paul, SG or MAYBE an Explorer**, they know EXACTLY what they have, because it cost a TON of money; if the seller isn't the original owner, then they'd probably have researched the used market.

**I say that because Joe Shmoe can walk into any GC or Ash and pick an LP right off the wall and know little to nothing about it upon selling it except "it's a Les Paul" and "I paid $xxxx for it". Ditto with an SG.

By the time a person has bought, either new or used, a Gibson in the price range of their ES and L series, they are very aware of what they have because they're pretty specialized instruments in our high-gain modern world.

Seller could easily have walked into any reputable store and gotten information on what they have there. The lack of said information tells me either:

1) They already brought it somewhere and were told it was fake and are now playing dumb

2) They can't be bothered to check the serial number or simply contact Gibson with their fancy internets compooters.

BTW, truss-rod cover only showing one screw; every other one I looked at had two.

The dot on the I in Gibson isn't too odd; I've seen similar. The color looks off, though. Refinned headstock and replacement logo?

Anyway, having no super-detailed knowledge, but having been around plenty of vintage Gibsons over the years, something just ain't kosher here.

Hope it works out to be either real or taken down.


That is not a Gibson

Gold Gibson Decal?? - no way on genuine ES175, I bet its an Asian three screw truss rod cover too - seller is using pics in that locking guitar stand for a reason, to obscure the view of the Nut and the lower truss rod cover

IMHO - that appears to be a reworked Ibanez FA-100, or Asian cousin (Cort, Peerless, etc.) - similar to the one below

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Hasn't anyone noticed there aren't any strings on it and the bridge is gone in the later pictures?

That seems odd to me.

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