Does this switcher exist?


I'm looking for a pedal to move my Modfactor from the effects to the front of the amp and back. I like to use certain effects in the loop, while others sound better in front of the amp, after OD/distortion pedals. Does this type of switcher exist? I have no idea if it's even possible or not. I'm not running a stereo set-up with my Modfactor so take that out of the equation. Thanks for any help!


There are loop switches that switch the order of 2 loops (A->B or B->A), but I can't find an example right now :huh
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yes it does exist... if you go to loopmaster's website, he has a looper that has a "reverse" button and that basically reversess the path of the guitar signal, so the first pedal becomes last and vice versa :)

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