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Does your skill come into factor when you look at amps

The Captain

Music is a hobby for me, not a profession. Guitars and amps are not tools to me, they are art. Great tone, and nice guitars are part of the whole sensory experience. While I strive to be better, I do not think money will buy me skill, but my goals are entirely personal anyway. I'm not sitting exams, and there is no contest goiing on.
It's just me and my noise.
So, no, I don't wonder if I am good enough for an amp etc. I just revel in the luxury of the superior tone they allow me to create.
My great gear motivates me a lot. I am sure I would not be as dedicated as I am if I had cheap or aaverage gear.


Silver Supporting Member
I know what the OP is saying, and I agree wholeheartedly. I remember having a real snobbish stereo system, and then coming to the realization that I don't listen that hard to really appreciate it (not to mention, having compromised hearing). As for most of my stuff (music, golf and otherwise), it is like the Sheryl Crow lyric, it's not getting what you want, it's wanting what you got.


I was only messing with you.
I totally understand it from both sides of the fence.
From 1990 until 2002 I actually used the same rig with no additions or subtractions. Amplifier wise I used a Mesa Boogie Studio preamp with a Marshall 100W tube power amp.
Even though I could build anything I wanted I always fell back to that, it was like a safe place. Eventually I decided to do something to move on from that.
So I guess it's no coincidence that the OD-2 is like a way more dialed in version of that rig. I now use a 50W OD-2 for live playing and have everything I had before plus a lot more.
The point I'm making is that by choosing the correct boutique product you can take your favourite setup to the next level.
The problem is that there are so many Companies that have sprung up regurgitating simplistic old one trick pony designs and charging high $$$, that that in itself becomes the perceived boutique market rather than products chosen and tweaked for an individual player.
There's nothing wrong with those one trick pony designs and there is a market, hell I have a couple myself, but that isn't the entire market. Boutique=Individualisation in my mind.

Hahaha, but fortunately for that market, my opinion is and should not be diluted into the minds of many guitar players, as I love hearing, as opposed to playing, most of those amps.

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