Does your thumb brush against the lower strings while picking?

I've been noticing that while picking, my thumb brushes against the adjacent lower strings (e.g. picking on the G string, my thumb will bounce off of the D string)....I don't really hear extra noise coming from this, but maybe it's something I should be concerned about.

Anyone else do this? Is it wrong????




FWIW: I noticed myself doing this too (my index finger contacts the strings too). I think it's because I played acoustic only for 10+ years and never used a pick.

A couple years ago I asked my teacher about it. He raised-up his picking hand and showed me worn-out finger nails on his thumb & index finger. So I guess--from his perspective--the answer is that it's OK.

I find it that contact with the strings gives me a better sense of control and stability.

Just my opinion. I am interested in hearing what others have to say.

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Only if I want it to. It's just another way to get a different tone out of your picking. I would use that more for percussive strumming, and get them out of the way when I want a clear ringing tone.


FWIW, I gave up worrying exactly what my right hand was doing and whether or not my hand is touching the strings unnecessarily. I *did* need to correct my right hand awhile back to avoid have a tense curling grip. It's now pretty open most of the time, like somehow shaking hands.

But, IMO, having everything about your hands and body relaxed is very important. And giving yourself time to slowly work through how to play difficult passages will determine where your hand should be -- or if you even need to fuss with it.

Hope this helps,
-- Joe


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In and of iself, it doesn't sound like a problem.

I wear down the corner of my index fingernail (the side adjacent to my middle finger) at gigs. It can be painful sometimes when it gets too short. I thnk it is the funk style chicka-chicka strumming is that does it.

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