Does YouTube change the audio for Copyrighted songs?

So started playing a tune once a month on my YouTube Channel.

I'm a noob guitar player so my YouTube channel is about me starting out, buying guitars, doing mods and learning how to play guitar.

I did this Evanescence song "Going Under" and the audio has this weird delay going on. When I edited the video it didn't have it.

I got like 3 emails from YouTube telling me that copyrighted songs may have ad's that appear so the original artist can compensate any funds generated from my video. It also said it would monitor the video for views and likes. I'm fine with this I have a great paying job, YouTube is just for me to look back on my journey.

I didn't want to use a track because I needed her voice.

Can someone explain how YouTube changes the audio?


Probably just compression artifacts. They're way too busy to re-edit your song. Not sure how they would do it - don't you have your guitar parts laid over it?

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