Just built/wired a HSH guard with Series/Parallel switching for the humbuckers to install in my #1 mahogany body Warmoth strat style thinking it had an HSH route. I opened her up to realize it has a SC route in the Neck position.. Not happy about that at all but its my own failing memory to blame..

So, I need to figure out how to route for a humbucker without butchering it up. Any suggestions on tools/techniques etc to get that done?

John Coloccia

Cold Supporting Member
Mount the pickguard, pencil the outline of the cutout in the guard. Remove the guard, mount a humbucker routing template, and rout. I would scribe the cut with an Xacto blade first, and my first pass would be just enough to rout off the finish.

You can even just drill a bunch of holes to get rid of most of the waste, and just chisel it out if you have nice, sharp chisels.

They may not line up exactly, but once the guard is on, no one will ever know.

It would probably be best to just ask a tech to do it. They'll do it right with the right templates and tools, and it shouldn't be all that expensive.

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