Dolly Parton wants to do a rock album and wants the Stones to back her


I imagine with Rolling Stones backing it would probably end up sounding a lot like Brandi Carlisle's music. I don't think Dolly is going to lose that country twang that's embedded in her voice no matter who the backing band is though. Which is why my vote would definitely be for Tool to back her up. Now that would be something else.
Rolling stones have been recording country songs almost as long as Dolly and Keith, at least, seems to take it seriously.


More collab.
See what happens.
That's the point.
Too old?
Are you listening to someone say that about you?
If you do, you will never know what you can do there.


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This doesn’t sound like a vacuous cash grab at all…
The Internet suggests her current net worth is at $350m. I'm not sure why she'd need to do a vacuous cash grab at her age with that bankroll. If you've heard the story behind this it makes sense beyond just a cash grab.

The only frame of reference for this sort of thing that immediately comes to mind is Jack White and Loretta Lynn's album, which I thought was great.

I think the main question for me would be which era of rock she's targeting. I think the Stones ran out of rocket sauce a long time ago and some other people would be better choices but I'd give it a listen regardless of who she ended up with. Hearing her backed by Them Crooked Vultures would be pretty cool.
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I would like to see video of the process. She might call them "young whippersnappers" or the like. But what would be funny is how they would clean up their schtick. I'm pretty sure everyone around Dolly says, "please" and "thank you" and "yes, ma'am." No cursing and no drugs/booze... Of course, I think Mick and Keith are sober these days, but it's be a hoot to see them around her.


I imagine there is a wild side to Dolly.
I bet she's going to write some killer songs.

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