don't hear much about u.s. masters guitars here...


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wow, no one?
they seem to have several trim levels going from the $7-800's for imports and up to around $2k for custom shop type stuff.


I had them make me a custom LeGrand about 13 years ago, and it is still my main guitar. I got a Sportster a few years ago, and a 5 string bass before that.

My opinion: great customer service; subtle/latent, but important innovations; great necks; excellent quality.

All USA made, except for their "Master Design" imports (which are good for the money). If it says "US" on the headstock, it is USA made.

I have tried their newer Performer series guitars, and right now with the direct sales push, you can get some great (no frills) work horse US made guitars for $700 to $1,000.

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