Double Barrel + rocker 30 = happy union ?



I play rhythm guitar, almost exclusively. I got a rocker 30 not so long ago that i like very much. But to spice things up i'm considering one od, one fuzz (which i have a SUF classic tri-muff..something), and one boost (which i have, bear foot bpb)

I'm serioulsy eying the Jhs double barrel, cause the ts side will work well i believe with the scooped muff.

Does anyone of you ever played the double B into a rocker 30 ?
Is the "morning glory" side of the jhs capable of doing a clean boost ? And if so, won't my baby pink booster be redundant.

Other pedals i'm considering Jampedal tube dreamer

Well i guess that's it, the jhs price is really steep so..i thought i 'd ask you guys.

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