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Double NGD: Fender AV65' Jazzmaster and Nash T-72 DLX

First of all, pics:

Nash T-72 DLX:
I've had this for a few days and can already say it is hands down the best sounding guitar I've ever owned. I've got Lollars in all three of my main guitars currently and Jason makes a spectacular pickup. The Regals may be his masterpiece. Dead quiet and punchy like humbuckers, but open, chimey and clear like a good set of Tele pickups. The guitar plays beautifully and was perfectly set up right out of the box. Nash's necks don't look authentic in any way but feel fantastic, and the relicing elsewhere is excellent. The Regal covers are done to perfection, and the natural finish really takes well to the relic treatment. I love setting the neck volume to about 8 and the bridge volume full up with my DLS MK3 on. I can go from a slightly gritty dynamic clean sound to a full throttle crunch with the pickup selector switch. I'm very much in the honeymoon phase, but sometimes you can just tell a guitar is a keeper.

65' RI Jazzmaster:
I've had this guitar for a couple months and it has been my main for gigging and recording since then. The Pure Vintage series really is on par with the FCS. I purchased it with Lollars and a Mastery Bridge already installed by the previous owner, and the rhythm circuit removed. I purchased a Spitfire pickguard (Mark is fantastic) with no rhythm circuit holes and it really makes the guitar visually stunning. This thing plays great, I raised the action and threw a flatwound 11-50 set on it and it's magic. The Lollar P90 style JM pickup in the bridge is fat and crunchy, but the real star is the Lollar JM neck pickup. Fatter and stouter than a Strat, but more clarity than a Tele. Overall my favorite offset out of many I have owned.

Thanks for looking!

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