Double track pedals


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I only know about 3

Keeley 30ms
TC Mimiq
Strymon Deco

are there any others out there? right now I'm just using my TC Flashback with a short delay.


Those are basically it unfortunately. There was an old EHX pedal called the "Full Double Tracking Effect" but it only has preset times of 50 ms and 100ms and a mix knob, not the most versitle. There was also a UK company called Bell Electrolabs that made one called the ADT, pretty hard to find nowadays and uses some odd power source I believe.

I own the 30ms and it is an incredible pedal, does chorus, reverb, delay and obviously double tracking all really well. Same with the Deco, but it has has some other features. Ive heard the Mimiq is not all that great by comparison, but no real life play time on my end.

Hope it helps

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