Dr Scientist - The Elements - A Review (For Those Who Want Subtle Tweaks)

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    Dr Scientist - The Elements - A Review (For Those Who Want Subtle Tweaks)

    Perhaps it is best to establish a couple of points before I start the review. I have NO interest whatsoever in fuzz or heavily distorted guitar sounds. Secondly, I’m fickle and purchased the steam punk version because I loved the look of it (and because I was struggling to find and purchase The Cleanness...)

    My gear ? Primarily, a Fender Nocaster Custom Shop and a Fender 22w Super Sonic.
    I use the second (overdriven channel), a MP Sweet Honey and a Barber 1/2 gainer to get my overdriven sounds. I say overdrive, as I prefer the slight break-up and clipping of a valve amp. The clean channel on the Fender is lovely too...

    Anyway, I play in a few bands, and regular in a (loud) Church setting. We meet in a school hall so I’m able to crank it up a bit...

    I tried the Elements today, thinking I’d be reselling it shortly after.

    And, I was very surprised by the results. It broke up the clean channel on the Super Sonic just right... That just clipped, slightly over driven sound. You know the one I mean. You can back off the MIX knob, to reduce the GAIN. Slightly boost the mids, cut the bass, hold the treble (it’s a Nocaster after all, and they can bite you on the back of the hand...)
Sure, it’ll give you load fuzz, raucous overdrive tones. But subtle ???? Oh yes, in abundance....

    And, it FELT right too. So right. Quite sensitive to touch, beautiful when switching to the neck (yes, the sweet Nocaster neck pick up), and soaring rolling tones.

    And that is what it is all about I guess.

    Hope this mini review helps.
    Keep the faith,

    The Waz Meister

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