Dr.scientist the elements appreciation


I got mine for my birthday yesterday. I spent a nice amount of time with it then. Today i had an informal short shootout with the following pedals:

1-low/mid gain
ocd v4

2- high gain
boiling point ( also considered it's low/mid sounds )
alpha dog
distortion 3 ( weirdest pedal. With everything dimed it sounds great. Otherwise it's just okay. )

the elements is some awesome drive pedal. It can be used as a boost, low ,mid or high gainer. So far based on this short shoot out, i believe the only other 5 pedals left standing are:

1- the boiling point
2- kot
3- screwdriver
4- kanji
5- alpha dog

the elements did stand out on it's own as far as two aspects:
1- tweakability
2- the mix knob. This is a control all drive pedals should have. I put a chorus on with the mix at noon. It sounded beautiful. I can hear a dirty and clean guitar playing simultaneously playing in unison.

I will give it a few weeks, but i think i will sell off a few unnecessary pedals ( slostortion, distortion 3 and ocd ). Something worth mentioning......the alpha dog is an awesome pedal as well.

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