DR Tite Fit - Tension ?


Preface - I have used D'Addario 9.5-44's for many years. One of my guitars has a bit of a stiff trem so I installed Raw Vintage Springs which helped quite a bit.

That said - I had read that DR Tite Fit had less tension due to being round core etc.

I just installed a set and was expecting to have to loosen the claw but found just the opposite - I will need to tighten the claw...

Am I missing something before I take them back off and re-install the D'Addario?
DR strings are not bad by any means. Lot's of pro's use them and they have their own thing going on. Lot's of bedroom players complain about their lack of intonation. THAT said, they feel around the same to me as D'Addario to me. The main difference I have is that D'Addario strings never break on me. For the price and the fact they can take a tremendous beating and not break, D'Addario always wins for me.

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