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Dr.Z EZG-50 & Egnater Cab & Xotic BB & Pearl Drive live video

This is me at the country music awards show about a week ago.

I'm using a American deluxe tele with Fralin Blues Specials. Dr.Z EZG-50 head, Egnater 2X12 cab.

Pedal board is as follows:

Guyatone ST-2 (set for very light compression)
Xotic BB Preamp
Tech-21 Comptortion (no compression, just slight grit & boost)
OceanFX Pearl Drive for solo's
Rocktron Short Timer delay


You can also find it by searching for "8 Days After Live Anthony Sims" on youtube.

or go to our page www.myspace.com/8DaysAfter

We won band of year for this performance.

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Senior Member
Man.....that sounds great, again.

Finances dictates that I couldn't keep my EZG.....but I WILL get another.

Great stuff.

Joe Perry

Platinum Supporting Member

That sounded killer. Awesome playing. Unlke me, you do the amp justice. Glad it went to a good home. Maybe someday I'll get another.

Thanks for the compliment Joe. Thanks a lot for selling it to me at a good price. I have really enjoyed it.

You guys need to try out the OceanEFX Pearl Drive.. it sounds wonderful into a clean/fat amp like the Z
I wish they would come out with the EZG-50 in a 1X12 combo format. I'd throw a good strong speaker in it.. EVM12L or something.. that would be great for smaller stages. I really love this amp & it takes pedals so good

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