Dr. Z m12 vs Jackson Ampworks Newcastle


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Hey guys, I currently have a Jackson Ampworks Newcastle 18w had running through a 1x12 avatar cabinet with celestion gold.

I love the jackson but have been having a taste for so something new and started looking into Dr. Z M12! I use a good amount of pedals and have heard the M12 takes pedals really well and has a good amount of clean head room. While I never play it loud enough, I have noticed that my Newcastle breaks up quiet early around 9-10 o'clock which i typically have no need for since I run a clean set up with dirt pedals, I maybe run on the edge of break up.

The second half of my reasoning is that I live on the third floor of a building with no elevators, with the head and cab I'm carrying about 80lbs of amp up and down the stairs, I was looking into the M12 combo which is about 50lbs, also having a combo would leave 1 free hand so I could take my gear up in down in 2 trips rather then 3 as I do currently. I know this section of my comparison has nothing to do with the actual tonality of the amps, but it is a part of my decision.

So just wondering what your opinion is guys! Let me know what you think!


The Newcastle owns the M12, in my opinion. I've played both and could have bought either, but I own the Newcastle. The M12 is a cool amp, but it's just lacking some special-ness in comparison.

the tourist

Although I've played neither, one thing to think about are the effects of using an EF86 preamp tube in a combo. Gonna get microphonic fast....

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