Sold Dr Z MAZ Jr. Head w Reverb $875


Hello All!

I am the original owner of this amp. I purchased it new in 2006, which is the same year it was made. It began life as a combo, but I purchased an original Dr. Z blonde head cab for it in 2009 and converted it to a head version. I live in Ohio near the Z shop, and they helped me with the cabinet swap. Because the combo is a "tubes hanging down" orientation, and the head is "tubes up" the controls end up reading upside-down, so I replaced the front control panel with an original Z panel purchased from the shop. I left the back panel as is.

Other mods are the reverb tank and the midrange control. I replaced the original reverb tank with the one the Doc uses currently, and I swapped out the original 10k mid pot for a 25k per the Doc's instructions on his website. This mod makes the Mids "broader" and enables the player to push the amp closer to Marshall territory if desired. The trade-off is that a 25k mid pot takes control away from the bass knob. In other words, the eq controls are shifted toward the middle and top end. There is still plenty of natural bass coming through, though. Once I made this mod, I never wanted to go back. It would be easy to undo if one wanted to.

The only maintainance this amp has ever needed was to have a power supply resister replaced. Several years ago, I had a power tube go south. The pair was replaced, and the amp was functioning fine, but a resistor inside had become slightly discolored. Don at Z recommend the replacement, and we went with a beefier 5 watt resistor instead of the 3 watt that was in there originally. The same value was used, just a more stout rating. This resistor doesn't contribute of the tone of the amp, it's just part of the power supply. The amp has had no trouble since and it sounds great.

The back picture shows the tube guard off and the tube shields removed. I have both and they will be included. In fact, I have two back tube guards, the original steel one, and a second I made that attaches with only two screws instead of four. The switch on the back is a tone stack bypass switch. Engaging it removes the tone stack from the circuit, making the amp louder and gainier.

I power tubes are newer. The other tubes are in great shape. I will include spares, and a couple of different rectifiers. The stock is a 5ar4, but 5y3 sounds great in a MAZ at the expense of a bit of volume. No worries, however.. This amp is LOUD if you need it to be. :)

Shipping will be a flat $20 added to the price. I can only ship within the lower US for that, but if you are in Canada, we can work out fair shipping. PayPal is fine. I may knock off a few bucks if you pay by money order. I have all good feedback on eBay (edn), Reverb, Z Talk (Eddie) here...

Overall cosmetic condition is a conservative 8 of 10. A few scuffs on the metal parts of the handle. Rolex is in nice shape. Only selling because the places I play frown on stage volume and amps on stage. I have gone digital and I just don't use this amp enough anymore.

This is a great amp. It served me well for a decade and it needs to go to someone that'll use it. You will love it!!





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Hello! Thanks for reaching out. Cool amp you have there, although I am really looking only at combos right now. Thanks, though! DaveP

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