Dr Z Remedy vs 2061X


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Dr Z Remedy vs 2061X
I'm having a hard time deciding between these two amps. For some reason they seem similar. Am I way off?
Anyone tried both?
I can't find either to tryout in my area.


It'd be a whole lot cooler if you did.
I have-

they are not alike all that much. The 2061 (I own one) is a great little EL84 amp with a **** load of punch to it and a VERY simple tone stack which is a good thing. This amp flat out rips and is ultra responsive and tight/percussive which is a little contrast to the 6V6s in the Remedy. Those are little more squishy and compress just a bit. You'll get more of a dirty Brad Paisley style tone with the 2061.

The remedy is like a big brother to the Z28 and uses 6V6 in it's power section. It must be a 4 socket amp to get that 40 watts of power (more like 44) but anyway- A great, great amp that will deliver more of an early Gibbons tone that the 2061.

Both are handwired and are killer in their own right but not that similar.

the 2061 matches up better to a Dr Z Maz 18 in terms of like kind IMHO.

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