Dr. Z Users -- Tell us a little about yourself!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by roushc, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. roushc

    roushc Guest

    I thought of a fun thread idea...at least for my tastes.

    It's kind of a quick, fun survey of Dr. Z users and how they use their amps.





    Style of Music:

    Likes about setup:

    Dislikes about setup:


    Me first, I suppose...

    Amp: Dr. Z Route 66 (soon to be KT-45 too)

    Guitar: Fender CS Tele Jr. (mahogany and P90s with a set-neck)

    Pedals: Fulltone Clyde Deluxe, Klon Centaur, EH Frequency Analyzer (in Loooper), Boss DD-20

    Style of Music: Experimental indie rock meets dance music meets hardcore...really technical, lots of crazy stuff, high energy

    Likes about setup: The Route 66 sounds amazing set-up for a pretty thick crunch. The P90s give it a certain bite, but the amp retains an intense fatness and richness to the crunch tones.

    Dislikes about setup: I'm falling out of love with the Klon (will be replaced by the Pro Analog Dual Drive). The 66 can be a bit saggy on really complex parts, which is why I'm looking into the KT-45.


    Have fun! :dude
  2. riffmeister

    riffmeister Member

    Jan 4, 2003
    near Philly
    Amp: KT45

    Guitars: humbucker Les Paul & hollowbody Hamer Newport

    Pedals: delay, chorus, more chorus, wah, OD, compressor

    Style of Music: RAWK!

    Likes about setup: Bold but some welcome "give" around the edges

    Dislikes about setup: I'm ugly.

  3. Laroosco!

    Laroosco! Member

    May 28, 2002
    Detroit, MI
    Amp: Z28 2x10 Combo

    Guitars: 1975 Fender Strat, Heritage H-537v(335 single cut) Sekova 335 Copy, Yamaha SBG1000, 1983 Squire Strat

    Pedals: NVN Easy Face Custom, NVN Bronto Boost, Pedalworz McFuzz, Boss Blues Driver,

    Style of Music: Some blues, some rock, some other stuff.

    As far as likes/dislikes: It sounds great with all my guitars, but I haven't owned it long enough to get to know it as well as I'd like to. It's not going anywhere though.

    My next Z will either be a KT-45 or a Super Z. Can't decide.
  4. 55 Jr

    55 Jr Member

    Nov 27, 2002
    I'll bite:

    Amp: Z28 (bought on the bay). Bogner Ported 1X12 Cabinet

    Guitars: 55 Les Paul Jr. 1968 Telecaster with factory Bigsby

    Pedals: Clyde Wah Deja Vibe FDII FM Line 6 DL-4

    Style of Music: Rock and blues

    Likes about setup: Best amp I've owned. Endless sustain with the old Les Paul and the FDII. It's just so easy to get a good sound.

    Dislikes about setup: Damn Loud! (have an Airbrake on the way). I spent two days in a rehersal room with this thing cranked/ un attenuated. My ears are still ringing!

    Best regards,

  5. big mike

    big mike Gold Supporting Member

    Oct 31, 2003
    Amp: Z28 and Carmen Ghia. Various open back cabs, celestion greens, G12H30's, and Eminence. Mostly Greenbacks. Z airbrake close by at all times.

    Guitars: PRS CU22, STD24, SCT, Thorn w/ P90's, Parts Telecaster

    Pedals: Xotic RC/AC - HBE Compressor, Powerscreamer, Voodoo Labs Chorus Startouch AB/Y

    Style of Music: Blues, Rock, Roots, some Jazz, Country picken. David Grissom tone is my aspiration.

    Likes about setup: Everything! Ghia is recent, still have to set up, dial etc. But the Z28 is the pry it from my cold dead hands amp!

    Dislikes about setup: NOTHING!!!

    I'm obscenely happy with my tone and amps since getting my Z's. But they're addictive. Can't have just one!! Had a 'rati for awhile and it was great too.

    Think Either a KT45 or a 65/45 next--If I NEED it. more likely need another attenuator for the Ghia rig.
  6. bigroy

    bigroy Member

    Dec 12, 2003
    Greencastle, Indiana
    Amp: Maz 18 Reverb head, Jenkins 1-12 cab (open back) with a greenback.

    Guitar: Telecaster, with Rio Grande Fat Bottom P/U's, occasional Strat, and still looking for the right McCarty.

    Pedals: Teese RMC, Keeley Comp, RC Booster, Tech 21 Double Drive, Boss DD3

    Style of Music: Bar Band mostly, all styles but Classic Rock if you had to give it a name. Also my rig for small swing/blues band.

    Likes: Best tone I've had in 40 years of gigging. Easy to move.

    Dislikes: Need another head with more headroom. Looking at a Prescription, but I've only been able to try one out in a store. Trying to nail one now on eBay if I can get it cheap enough!

    Merry Christmas!
  7. bukowski

    bukowski Member

    Oct 25, 2003
    I love this setup I play mostly a 68tele in a jazz trio (plenty of headroom)and a 7 piece blues /rock/funk/country band I use a keeley modded sparkle drive and holy grail reverb (when needed)line 6 delay ,blues driver ,swampthang temelo .But mostly I like plug'in straight in the zbest with v30 and h30 ,the only complaint is the weight of the zbest ,but I've deciede to look at it like its good exercise dig!
  8. Shemp

    Shemp Member

    Jan 7, 2002
    Mendon, MA
    Amp: Dr. Z Route 66 through Fender Tonemaster 4X12 with V30s

    Main Guitars: R7 GT - Voodoo 59s, CS 60s Relic - Fralinized, PRS CU 22 Soapbar - Lollars, CU22 Artist, ES 135, 52RI with HD S90 and V+

    Pedals: Curently using AC and RC Boosters, Vintage Rat, Ibanez Echomachine

    Style of Music: Chicago style blues, Classic Rock

    Likes about setup: The Rt 66 is sone of the best pure blues and classic rock amps made today. With a Les Paul or a Hot Tele it is as thick and crunchy as you could ask for. Wonderful lead and rhythm rig.

    Dislikes about setup: The amp doesn't have much clean headroom and in a "dense" soundscape it can get a bit lost. However, in a trio or quartet it just rocks.
  9. gls500

    gls500 Supporting Member

    Dec 9, 2004
    Chicago, IL
    Amp: Maz38 Invasion 2x12, Carmen Ghia, Z28 2x10, and Mini-Z

    Guitars: G&L Bluesboy thinline, G&L ASAT, McInturff Polaris, Fender Strat

    Pedals: ZVex SHO, VL Tremolo, Dano Dan-Echo, Boss BD-2, Fulltone 69, and Fulltone FD2

    Style of Music: Played blues forever, but currently play in an alt-country/trad. country/roots rock band.

    Likes about setup: Main setup is Bluesboy/Strat -> Z28. It cuts through so nicely and has fantastic sustain and sweetness. The power lever is perfect too

    Dislikes about setup: <still thinking> :dude:. The Z28 is a bit heavier than I thought it would be, but still lighter than my Maz38!
  10. Curt

    Curt Member

    Nov 3, 2003
    AMP: Maz 18 Head and Z- Best 2/12 Cab All Blonde

    Guitars: PRS S/C Private Stock. Tiger Eye / Brazilian Neck. It is without a doubt, the best guitar I have ever owner or played.
    Also... Fender Custom Shop Strat with Wagner Pups

    Pedals: V-Stack / Tim / Teese Picture Wah

    Styles: All

    Dislikes: None.
  11. Madison

    Madison Member

    Nov 9, 2004
    Amp: Maz Jr 210, Maz Sr head/ZBest 212 cab.

    Guitars: Tom Anderson Hollow T Classic, Am Fender Strat.

    Pedals: A lot in the closet, on the pedal board is only a TU 2 & a Rt 66 comp/OD.

    Style of Music: Play in two bands: Rock/Blues/R&B/Original and a classic honky tonk group

    Likes about setup: Consistency, dependability, tone, cool look and vibe. Always get at least a couple comments (mostly good!)about either rig when playing out.

    Dislikes about setup: ZBest is heavy to move around, otherwise not much to dislike IMO.

    A couple of pictures of both amps & guitars located on Myles Rose's site....
  12. tedwoods

    tedwoods Member

    Nov 16, 2004
    Beneath the dream
    Amp:Route66,Z-best cab

    Guitars:Don Grosh set necks(one HB's,one P-90's)

    Effects:Stephenson StageHog,Matchless RV-1,Fulltone TTE(not in that order)

    Style of music:Blues rock,Classic rock,Alternative rock,Brighton rock...(oops!!!)

    Likes about set up:Smooth and refined,plays well at diverse situations,always feels(actually lets me feel)unhindered and expressive

    Dislikes about set up:Took me ages to configure...Wish I had it earlier!

  13. Ed Reed

    Ed Reed Senior Member

    Feb 21, 2004
    Somewhere out on that horizon
    Maz 18 Jr. w/G12H

    Tyler SE HD

    Looper tune/mute
    RMC LE Wah

    Axess GRX #1
    Mojo Vibe
    AM TS-9 Silver
    Maxon SD-9
    AM Comprosser

    Axess GRX #2
    Arion chorus
    Voodoo lab Trem
    Micro Verb (delays)
    Micro Amp

    controlled by Rocktron Midi Mate (vers 1)

    Style, contemporary Christian

    Likes, very versatile. From chicken pickin to Bridge of Sighs.

    Dislikes, few. The amp eats a pair of EL-84's in about a year, no biggy.
  14. seafoamer

    seafoamer Member

    Nov 8, 2003

    Guitars:Custom parts gtr

    Pedals:Little Lanilei reverb, Super Duper boost

    Style of Music: rock/pop, jazz/blues

    Likes about setup: nice amount of power, great sound

    Dislikes about setup: there is a very small rattle somewhere on the amp, that I'm too lazy & inept to find right now.
  15. Cobra

    Cobra Member

    Jul 6, 2003
    NE Wisc.
    Amp: (2) Z28 Combo's... a 2x10 in black, with stock speakers, & a 1x12 in cream with a Governor

    Guitars: Lentz T, & a homebrew mahogany strat

    Pedals: multiple BJF dirt boxes, Pigtronix Phaser, Echoczar & Powerglide. Zendrive & Clay Jones OD on the way, as well as some customs.
    Current setup:
    Strobo>Pig>VCF>MIBB>PGC>LAW>EGDM>LGW>DRD>SBEQ>Echoczar & Powerglide>BPB

    Style of Music: Jump blues to country rock, Nawlins' funky dance grooves, & spacey atmospheric stuff

    Likes about setup: Very versatile, can cover any style, but runnin' stereo with the Echoczar... FUHGEDABOWDIT!!

    Dislikes about setup: Not a one. Still finalizing my pedalboard, & I'm getting real close now. Working on powering 3 pedals @ 18v, 8 @ 9v, & 3 @12v. Almost there...
  16. voodoogreg

    voodoogreg Member

    Jan 4, 2002
    left of center
    RT66, Z-28 2X10, first run max18 Nr fat sounds model.

    Two PRS mac's, 57' strat, 57' LP(retired) 70's LP 60's danelectro double CW (like page's) tyler super strat.

    tone wizard, klon, tc booster line driver. (one at a time, my rule" never more then one boost/OD per board) various pedals on three boards and rack.

    whatever pay's me.

    Likes: tone reliability, print's to media better then anything i own

    I can't afford more at the moment (want's: RX-ES, KT45, need to play a delta 88)

  17. MightyGuru

    MightyGuru Member

    Oct 20, 2002
    Currently a MAZ Sr R head but I owned a 66 for a while. Play into a Top Hat 2X12 Red Fang/G12H30 @8z.

    Fender Tele, Strat and a chambered Heatley Model T w/Barden 2 tones on the way.

    VOX 847 Blekas modded. Sweetsound Mojo Vibe, Addrock Geranium Fuzz, Tim, D/13 Joyride, Rock&Lock QuickBoost, Fulltone Supa Trem, AD9

    Roots, Rock, Blues, Jazz...mixalotofem.

    Great tone in most idioms, reliability, price, takes FX well.

    Nothing against this amp...I love it a bunch.
  18. paulydangerous

    paulydangerous Member

    Oct 17, 2004
    Pickerington, Ohio
    Amp: Maz 38 into a 4x10 cabinet loaded with Weber ceramic magnet speakers

    Guitars: 62' American vintage RI Strat with Suhr V60LP's, American Relic Tele w/ Johnny Smith mini hum in the neck--Strat middle pickup--Lil 59' in the bridge

    Pedals:Fulltone Clyde-King of Tone-Direct Drive Super Sport-Dyna Red distortion-DD-3----DL-4----RC boost- EBS Dynaverb

    Style of Music:Blues, Rock, Funk,

    Likes about setup:Great amp..Very responsive..Very good design..

    Dislikes about setup: Power chord doesn't disconnect, Reverb could be better..
  19. nateco

    nateco Member

    Dec 20, 2002
    North X North East.
    Amp:Maz Sr Nr......Z 2x12"..with webers or a 4x12" with greenback RI.

    Guitars:SG ...and soon a junior.

    Pedals:right now......just using my '69 or cc2....everything else is staying home.

    Style of Music:rock,punk rock,detroit-ish rock and roll stuff.

    Likes about setup:it can do what ever i need..clean to dirt...clarity,warmth and cut .....etc......I just love it...the perfect amp for me..

    Dislikes about setup:not much.
  20. Jack Walker

    Jack Walker Silver Supporting Member

    Jan 20, 2004
    Florence SC
    Amps: Z28 w/Zbest (Red Fang , Tonker), Super Z

    Guitars: American Deluxe Strat, G & L Asat, Ibanez AS83

    Pedals: Tim, M. I. Blue Boy, Boss (Japnese) CS-2 compressor,
    Maxon CS-9 Chorus, Guyatone MD-3 delay

    Music: Country, Country Rock, R & B, standards, Classic rock, light jazz, etc.

    Like about the amps: A muriad of tones that suit what I play.

    Dislikes: I have to put the Zbest on the floor or it can get a little thin with the G & L. No problems with the Super Z.

    Lately, I've been running both amps in stereo. This is without a doubt the best sound of all.

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