Dream home studio almost done!

Loni Specter

I'm co-producing a "Melodic Rock" (classic 80's) band. Instead of spending all the advance money from the deal, we decided to build a 8' x 12' room in a garage. It has a 4.5' x 8' ISO booth for vocals and guitars. All the drums will be recorded in a 'real' studio with a large live space. Every thing other than drums will be done in the new home studio. I had 3 different "experts" come over to give advice on it's construction. One is a rehearsal studio guy, one is a radio station builder, the other has built two comercial recording studios. It's funny how each one has a new small technique to isolate the control room from the iso room and also how to keep the whole thing from disturbing the home itself, since it shares a wall on one side.
Our goal was to keep it as pro as possible for under $1,500. in basic construction material( wood, soundboard, drywall, fasteners, plastic sheeting, doors, window, ducting. This was not easy but we are close.
The iso room will be a guitarists and vocalists dead space. VERY quiet.
We had a panel installed to facilitate 3 mics, one headphone, and two amp speaker runs from the control room into the iso room. The plan is to keep the amp heads in the control room and cabs in the iso room. We are planing some BIG guitar adventures with loud 2x12 (Hermida Audio and Mojo) and one Port City oversize 1x12 cabs. Amp heads so far are from, Marshall, Goodsell, Matchless, Magnatone, Egnater, Star, Fender, and BrownNote. I also have an Axe-Effects Ultra and a Custom Tones Ethos as well, so the plan is to print three tracks at a time Two mics on cab one room and the Ultra. I'm sure we will have other amps on a loaned basis before we are done with the CD.
We will use a Royer 122 with an old Sure SM 56 (shock mounted 57).
Still gathering pre-amps and Protools, monitors etc.
Vocal mics are AKG 414, and Groove Tubes 67
Wish us luck! :JAM
NOTE; mp3s on the web-site are from the last CD
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