Drive pedal decision

I am having a hard time deciding on the following drive pedals:

1. Suhr Riot
2. Wampler Plextortion
3. BB Plus Drive/Boost
4. BB Comp

I have tried each of these individually at shops but I cannot afford to get them all to A/B/C/D them against one another and unfortunately there are no shops that have them all in stock. Each one of them has something about them that makes them sound great.

Most likely I will either end up getting the BB Plus or two of the others to cascade like the BB Comp driving the Plextortion/Suhr, etc.

Opinions welcome, but I understand everyone hears differently. the only reason I am asking is because I don't have the means to compare them all myself, against one another and as I said there is something about each one of them that sounds great.

Fire away...


Those are all pretty different... It begs the usual questions: What's the rest of the chain, how loud will you be running, and what types of sound do you want?
Chain is nothing spectacular currently, Guitar (Fender Showmaster QMT HH modded with a Duncan Custom 5 in the bridge and a variable treble bypass on the volume)>Korg Pitchblack +>(Drive pedal)>Amp (Bugera V22)>Loop out>MXR Micro Chorus>EVH Phase 90>Loop in.

I get great crunch rhythm from the Bugera drive channel and I am currently using an old stock Boss SD1 for a boost for solos in the (Drive pedal) slot. I really do not like the SD1 as it adds a lot of treble tinniness to the tone no matter how I set the tone control. I realize I could mod it but if I can get a better "boost" off the shelf, why not"

What I am looking for is tonal flexibility, I want to be able to have at least three different options for driven sound.

1. Nice Rhythm Crunch (Bugera Drive Channel accomplishes this nicely)
2. Saturated JCM 800 80's type driven sound
3. Boost that can be used for either and possibly on the Bugera's clean channel as well.

I play in two different bands, one is an 80's Metal/90's grunge type cover band with some original material and the other is my Church's praise and worship team that pays mostly contemporary Christian worship songs (Third Day, Hillsong, Newsboys, Lincoln Brewster, etc...).
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If the BB is at a store with a decent return policy, why not purchase that one (since you're kinda already set on it) and then A/B each one against the BB?
yeah, that's a thought but....

No one has one in stock.

Another thought that has come to mind is the Xact Tone Preamp (Very expensive is the only drawback, $599) or the Atomic, stacked with a decent boost. The Atomic sounds amazing!

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