Drive pedals


What I have found so far :
The elements = awesome pedal, versatile
Mighty red = crank it and go, nice
Vfe alpha dog = versatile, but not nearly as much as the elements
Vfe dist3= one trick pony, nice though
Kot = refined pleasure
Boiling point = THE ONE for me above ALL.
Kanji = crunch
Cello = one dimensional, although a very good one trick pony
OCD = flat
Brownie = one sound which is just okay
Plexi tone = jcm800
Superplextortion = vh
Slostortion = love the boost
Pig mine = dogs, not as versatile as the lunar but cool
Screwdriver = zep for me
Beano = adds nice clarity to anything

Out of these if I had to have 3 ?
Boiling point
The elements
I have found that all of these can do everything I want.
I really love my boiling point. I think there is a tiny bit too much volume but I guess I would rather that then not enough. I love how much I can get out of the pedal.

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