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Drives For A Twin Reverb

Alchemist XP

let me see if I got this...
you bought the world's cleanest amp, you're using a Tele, and you want humbucker through a marshall tone.

Uh huh.

Have you considered selling the amp you don't like the sound of and buying a Marshall? You can put a humbucker in your existing Tele. That would REALLY solve all your problems.

as for a dirt box, a good old Fulltone OCD sounds like what you want.

Was going to say the same thing ... sounds like you're a better fit for a humbucker through a tweed or Marshall.


A Rat with the gain at 8:30 and rolling that Tele volume back about 1/4 is a great low gain tone. Roll the guitar volume up and you’ve got a cooking solo boost tone.


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Barber Gain Changer (both gain toggle positions kick butt).

Keeley Super Phat Mod or Keeley modded BD2.

If you want a good MiaB type with a Fender amp and SC guitars, look to the Keeley 1962x... afterwards you can thank me via a PM. :aok


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How did "What are some good drives that work with a Tele through a Twin Reverb?" become "How can I make my Tele through a Twin Reverb sound like a humbucker guitar through a Marshall stack?" :facepalm

The Gain Changer is really versatile as a general use drive, and the Blue Note is great for adding low gain fatness and some compression. I play teles and go for Fenderish clean tones, though Ive never owned a Twin...


I have the George Benson twin, and the best sounding OD I have gotten out of that amp has been with the Keeley Super Phat Mod. Phat switch on for my strat or tele, off for my PRS.


In an application like this I think iys advantageous to put a compressor after the drive to help take away some of that harsh transistor attack I hear away.

Something really subtle with a blend knob so youre not really hearing the compression but feeling it.

Good luck!


I'm using a Red Snapper, a Zendrive and a Zendrive Red these days, with a TRRI or a DRRI.

Zendrives can do more than that Ford-esque thing, depending on how you balance the voice and tone knobs. The red version has slightly more gain and mids to start with, for a little more rock vibe.

The Red Snapper sounds great through the whole gain range. It sounds good with the gain up too and you can balance the bite and cut knobs to control how much upper mid, well, "bite", that you want and use the cut to keep it from being too bright. Not a lot of compression either.



This was the red Zendrive with gain at about 9 o'clock I think. Compressor in front, with a minimum setting. Not through a Fender though - low volume H&K Tubemeister 5 through a 2X12 cab. A regular Zen could run lower gain and be a little more dynamic.


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I recently picked up a 66 Twin Reverb loaded with Texas Heats. I'm looking for low and medium gain drives that work well with a Twin. I'm currently using an Aion Andromeda and a Keeley Modded TS9. They sound good but better with amps that are barking. I have my eye on the Jetter SSS and the Kingtone Duelist.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

I've tried A LOT of drives through my Twin Reverb over the years and I've landed on a few that are just incredible. I HIGHLY recommend looking into Keeley White Sands as a light to medium transparent drive. You can get a low drive setting that helps with the twin sounding like the tubes are slightly breaking up. The MXR Sugar Drive is another insanely impressive pedal with my twin. It has a similar feel to the white sands. I saw some people recommend Timmy which is another that sounds great. For less-transparent and just changing your sound, the Fulltone OCD is one of the best, flat-out. I had one, sold it and never recaptured the magic that thing provides on my Twin. The Broken Arrow and Golden Boy by Jackson Audio are both really nice pedals too.


I'm running a Twin with a Tele.
I like:
Timmy ( I have a V3 and it's great with the Tele/Twin)
any Rat w/LM308
Nu-Tube Screamer at 18 volts
Fulldrive (I have a few, and like the V2 Mosfet and the V3 best w/Tele/Twin)


I have a Fender PA 100 head and Avatar 2x12 cab.

You need pedals that have mids:

Way Huge Green Rhino

Way Huge Red Llama

Way Huge Saucy Box

Way Huge Fat Sandwich

Barber Gain Changer

Barber Burn Unit EQ

Barber Direct Drive

Hoof Fuzz


Archer Ikon

Fulldrive Mosfet

Secret Freq


BBE Green Screamer

Mesa Throttle Box V1

Rat 2


Low gain tones - Keith Richard style tones that EJ got on his 1st Hotlicks video.

Medium - big and clear David Grissom tones that clean up with the guitar volume.

I'm not really trying to cop anyone's tone but if I were those two would be the ones

btw: I'm mostly playing Teles.


I'm tentative to declare this, but I'd say the Snouse Blackbox/any great bluesbreaker circuit would do you better than a Tube Screamer. Take that, and then put a boost after it if you want to get some volume out of it. I'm only saying this because of the low gain tone you mentioned - That is exactly how I get my Eric Johnson dirty rhythm tone. My Snouse Blackbox with the gain and tone at noon and the volume at max (Tiny boost). For medium gain tones, I run that into a Gtown Holygrail overdrive into the vibrolux channel of my Supersonic 22. If I want more, I switch it to bassman. For high gain, I just kick on the gain channel and use either the BB or the Holygrail, depending on how crazy I want to get.

For a twin, I think the Bluesbreaker circuit will work best. A Tube Screamer works best when you're running a Twin at 7+ on the volume, but nobody does that without an attenuator, and then you're in a whole different world. I've never loved an overdrive like my original Bluesbreaker (That I sold, like an idiot), or my Snouse (that I am never letting go until the day I die).


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I primarily use Tubescreamer type pedals into my Fender amps for drive. I often run my TS pedal’s into my Wampler Black ‘65. The Black ‘65 adds bass and fullness to the TS. To my ears, this sounds good at any volume.

Right now I use a Ibanez TS808HW, an elMo, and a Full-Drive 2 with my Fender amps. As mentioned in another post above, the Way Hugh Green Rhino is also a good TS type pedal.
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