Driving myself nuts finding the perfect guitar - Help appreciated

Discussion in 'Acoustic Instruments' started by yell03, Dec 16, 2017.

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    There are better ways of putting that that don't sound condescending, but I do understand your point.

    I currently still have my Martin GPCRSGT, it just plays so well I figure it will be great for traveling around.
    Amazon cancelled the order on the Gibson Songwriter as they could not get it in stock, so I substituted it with a Gibson J-15 for a lot less money.

    I qualify the J-15 as a real guitar, basically a J-45 in walnut.
    I also bought a Gibson HP415w, not a classic like a J-45 or a Martin D-18, but a great player with nice tone.

    The HP415w is basically the same guitar, but it has a cutaway and a shallower 4" body depth.
    I bought both guitars new for a total of $1500 out of pocket thanks to my Amazon Rewards points.
    The HP415w I bought at a local Music Store for $1100, it just was so good I couldn't walk away.

    Here are some pics


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