drri mod...anyone add reverb/vibrato to norma channel by...

...disconnecting the reverb rca connector from the chassis, and using a guitar cable with an rca connection on one end, 1/4 plug on the other, connect the reverb tank to normal channel input 1???

How does this sound as apposed to bridging the two using only the inputs?
any down sides?
bright cap mod is not an option so im looking for best way to add reverb to normal...humbuckers, bright reverb channel, and dirt pedals dont mix...

Steve Dallas


I don't think what you are describing would work. I think you would end up with too little drive signal and a nasty impedance mismatch on the tank which would cause it to squeal at best and burn it out at worst.

There is a well-known mod where you remove one wire and jumper another across 2 tube sockets. This mod correctly adds reverb to both channels. Any competent amp tech should be familiar with it.

mark norwine


To the OP: No, that won't put reverb on channel 1. What it will do is defeat the reverb knob on your amp and change ch 1 into a reverb level & EQ control. Try it.

Can a 2-channel Fender amp be modded so that the reverb knob will provide reverb on both channels? Yes, but I'd offer this to "Fritz": Summing 2 signals without building out an isolation summing network is......well....amateurish. Will the circuit, as drawn, "work"? Yes. Are there much better ways to do it? Most certainly.

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