DRRI Owners, List your favorite pedals with it and what guitar you use!


Hey lots of guys have a DRRI. Please take a second to share what pedals you think work well with it.

Kinda this format please..example, just trying to be specific when whatever you suggest sounds good.

I play: Rock, Jazz, Blues

I use a: Les Paul

I like these pedals:
original Bluesbreaker for mild overdrive
KOT for mild to high gain
I like the Pinnacle when I use a strat but not with my ES335

I love the way the Boss chorus sounds

You get the Idea.

To start off the only dirt I like so far with my DRRI is the Butah for low gain.
I play a Les Paul and Gretsches, mostly rock some big band and rockabilly
All modulation sounds great. I use the DMM big box, Pcilosibe phaser

Thanks in advance


All of my guitars (Canadian Breed Jazzmaster & Tele Deluxe, American Standard Tele and a les Paul traditional) sound killer with the Analogman silver mod ts9.


I also play in a "semi-rockabilly" sort of band. Bright, jangly guitar sound.

My main guitars: Rickenbacker 360 and Fender Jazzmaster

Light OD: Lovepedal Amp 11 because it doesn't compress my guitar sound. It provides a thicker tone, obviously some grind, but each guitar sounds like itself, not a pedal. For most songs, the Amp 11 is always on. You can hear my DRRI with the Amp 11 in every song in my band's demo, click the link in my signature.

Medium OD: Mad Professor Little Green Wonder because it also doesn't compress my guitar signal. Picks up where the Amp 11 leaves off. Can actually do low gain like the amp 11, but they don't have the same kind of sparkle. It's worth having both.

Distortion: I'm currently using a CmatMods Ratified, which is based on the Proco Rat. Stacks well with the overdrives, but compresses a bit more than I'd like. Great for kicking in for the big power chord chorus.

I've tried quite a few overdrive and distortion pedals and can absolutely guarantee that the Amp 11 and Little Green Wonder sound amazing with the DRRI.


I've been experimenting with:

TS808 Keeley modded
Boss SD1
Rat, classic and You Dirty Rat

I may do the bright cap mod to reduce dizziness at lower volumes.

Guitars are ES-335 and LPs.


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Historic LP Special with P-90s and usually a Fulldrive2 (left on, drive set very low) and a (borrowed) silver Klon. I have a Timmy on the way as well as a gold AF2 that will be here sooner or later, so after I give the Klon back, we'll see how the AF2 and Timmy fit in. It did not sound good with an OCD, which I traded (+ cash) for the Timmy. I also put a 1965 C12N in it and am running ANOS RCAs except for the rectifier which is a 1961 GE 5AR4.

FWIW: The speaker, the RCA 6V6GTAs and 1962 RCA short grayplates in V1 and V2 made the biggest difference. Also clipping the bright cap made a huge difference at lower volumes...no fizzies


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I play at home only and my DRRI is stock. However, I run RCA 12ax7s in V1, V2 and V4. A GE 12at7 is in V3 and a GE 5751 in V6 (PI). Power tubes are Sylvania 6V6's. V5 is the stock GT 12ax7. Old tubes are great!

I use a Fender US Strat or Tele (both w/ Tx Specs) plugged into input 1. I like being able to hit a button for clean or dirt so I use an AB box. Guitar goes to the Boss tuner, Barber Tone Press, AB Box. "B" is the line to the normal channel - Barber Ltd, EH HG Nano(got to have 'verb), Boss DD3 (Japan). The Barber settings - Vol Level - noon, Tone - 2 o'clock and Gain - 2 to 3 O'clock. This gets me a light gain that I really love. "A" goes to the vibrato channel - EH Small Clone that I rarely use, MXR CC. The amp's reverb is at around 4 and I use the Vibrato with speed at 2 and intensity at 4 - gives a light effect.

The volumes are at 4 with a Weber attenuator set around nine to cut volume some. Keeps the family happy. Treble and Bass to taste. I'm very happy with the tones I get with this setup. The only thing I could do without is the Small CLone, not because it doesn't sound good, but I just don't use chorus much.


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I have gone through many dist pedals with my DRRI. I always come back to my old Boss OD-3 with all my guitars. It's my sound.


Boss TU-3 > CAE MC 404 (Wah) > Way Huge Aqua Puss > TS-9 > TS-808 > DRRI

I'm waiting on the Aluminum Falcon 2 (Klone), but all of these sound great! Aqua Puss is a fantastic Analog Delay, and the MC 404 wah is freaking bad ass (my first wah in years). I'm sure you know the story on the TS's, I run the 9 as OD and the 808 as boost, or other way around. When I get the AF2, I'll probably swap out one the TS's.


I use a Les Paul Classic and a 72RI Fender Thinline. I used an Xotic BB preamp for dirt. I have a Boss Ch-1 and EHX Neo clone for chorus effects. Les Paul and the DRRI are a good match. I found this out over 40 yrs. ago.


Cool replies. Except for the TS variants not what I expected to find used. Not even a lot of same ones. Hope more see this and post.


I use a DRRI in a classic rock cover band. I play either my R8 or my 339. My signal is:

Guitar > EQD Tone Reaper > EQD Hoof > Timmy > Boss DD-3 > Wampler Black '65 > DRRI (normal channel, input 2)

I usually have the B65 always on, especially stacking with the Timmy.

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