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I'm a noob to digital recording with modern DAWs. I used to work with an old clip and paste sort of drum sample pack where you had to compose the beats out of small constituent parts.
Well, I recently got a MAC and an interface and now I'm trying out some DAW's. One is Reaper, the other GarageBand (which is sort of a "Logic-X audition," I wouldn't stick w/ GB).
GarageBand has this nice feature of having "drummers" who perform longer sections. It's really easy to control the complexity, although I don't know how to (or if you can) get very specific rhythms out of it. It is really easy to work with though, and I've read that the Logic samples are much better.

SO, here is my question> are there similar plug-ins for Reaper that make it really easy to compose/control drum tracks? Is the format used in Logic/GB unique to that DAW or are there other plug-ins that do the same thing?
What do you Reaper users use for Drums (besides recording them live)??

edit: If you use midi/piano roll, what do you use with it?



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EZ, Superior, Slate and the like all come with libraries of patterns as MIDI files broken into verse, chorus, intro, fill, etc. You have to string them together to create your song. You can always dump them into your DAW and use the piano roll to edit. AFAIK, none of them have the interactive/dynamic "drummer" feature like Logic/GB.


I use Steven Slate Drums with Reaper. There's a bit of a learning curve but I didn't find it too difficult. The Slate mixer makes manipulating the drums fairly easy. You can audition and then drag the grooves onto a track. The only thing I don't like so far are the fills. They are mostly over the top for my tastes but you can edit the midi grooves to simplify things. Just a little extra work.

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