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Dry / Wet Configuration (Looping)


I am thinking about doing a Dry / Wet kinda thing. I have a line out on my main amp. I want to use that output to go into a pedalboard with some looping gear - including a couple of delays, a Freeze, and a Pigtronix Infinity Looper. This pedalboard would be going into its own unique amp. So basically, all of the loops would be "over there" while my main sound would be coming from my main amp. I want use a volume pedal on that board but I am not sure what type to get. The volume pedal would be getting a signal from the line out so I am guessing that it needs a 250k. Any thoughts?

It would look something like this:
Guitar > Tuner > Amp > Line Out > (? Volume Pedal ?) > Looping Board > Second Amp



Is this line out from your 'main' amp the FX Send? I'm not sure if it would sound right having this signal go through your FX and then into the preamp of your second amp. It would be ok if it went into your second amp's FX Return however.

I'm going to be running a Wet/Dry rig soon too, but having amps backstage is gonna make it real awkward using FX Sends and Returns, so I'm going to be splitting the signal before my FX, with dry going to one amp and FX to the other.

Signal chain will be: guitar > buffer > compressor and drives > volume pedal > SPLIT
Dry signal goes back to buffer return and to dry amp
Wet goes through FX set to high (but not max) mix and back to buffer's 2nd return and to wet amp

I have my volume after my drives because I don't like to swell into gain (if I have them on at all), and it'll be before the splitter because I want swells to be effective on both amps.

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