DryBell Unit67 has arrived!


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can the unit67 go before fuzzes pedals? or will the buffer interfere with them?


So what’s the general feedback for this pedal?
I'm very finicky with my gear and generally don't like what I try: for example I have Revival Drive (for a lot of guys is the best ever overdrive unit) at my home but I don't like it.
The Unit67 is awesome piece of gear, if you turn it on you can't turn it off anymore. I don't like pedal like MXR Dynacomp or Boss CS2, but this kind of compressor is a real jewel, don't decrease the dynamic of your gear. Get it and you won't be disappointed.


So what’s the general feedback for this pedal?
For me, it's like Marco78 said, if you turn it on you can't turn it off anymore. It livens up your tone and gives you some bounce and sustain to work with. Before the Unit67, I was using a Pettyjohn Chime and Barber Tone Press to accomplish the same thing. Both of those pedals are excellent, but the Unit67 is a more streamlined and effective solution.


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I got mine yesterday and I cannot wait 'till my next rehearsal. Excellent tones from this versatile beast.


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Just ordered one today. Hoping I will love it and that it will work for what I want to do.

I wanted a compressor to kick the clean channel of my amp much the way Andy Timmons does with just a little bit of compression and a nice volume boost to hit the preamp stage. I'm not looking for the chicken pickin' squish, just a little something that still has dynamics but with a little compression/sustain, but also in doing so I want something with a little EQ that I can maybe fatten up my single coils a little bit. I was looking at the Xotic SP, and Wampler Mini Ego and the new MXR Dynacomp Mini and then thinking about running a mini clean boost pedal, but this seems like it might do everything I want in one pedal without having to use a boost pedal and a separate compressor so this seems like the logical pedal choice for me. Here's to hoping...


When you turn off the eq with the switch does that also turn off the Range knob?
tl;dr yes
from the manual :

EQ (toggle switch) 4
With the EQ switch you can engage/bypass the Unit67's EQ section. The EQ section contains 3 controls: RANGE, LOW and HIGH. The EQ section is engaged on position "1" or hard bypassed on position "0". This switch is useful for exploring the tonal differences between the engaged/bypassed EQ section. Also, if you want to use the compressor feature on its own, you can keep the EQ switch off.
Note: Combining EQ and BOOST can result with a maximum pedal gain of 41dB in the mid-range frequency spectrum.


Hey guys,
still loving the Unit67?

Would love to hear any new thoughts, where in the chain are you using it, how does it compare with other boosts/comps.


Interested in what the mid knob on this pedal sounds like. I'm looking for a pedal to do two very specific things:
  • A subtle 'add sustain and fullness' compressor without the heavy squish, for leads
  • Dial in a controllable amount of TS-808 style mid boost. I don't want it to do the full TS thing where it lops off a ton of low end too, but imagine a sort of 'mix in some TS mids' kind of thing.

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