DS Custom - New Pedalboard Interface finished


Hello guys,

Today I finished a Pedalboard Interface for Tim Spohn. Tim is an amazing guitarist from Germany, who is known for his work with musicians like:

Duncan Townsend, No Angels, Aura Dione, Marit Larsen, Manuel Louis, The Caper, Lilianna Wysocki, Simon Grey, Tony Momrelle, David "Fingers" Haynes, Capudelup, Sebó, Grunert, Phillip Broda, Ryoma, Toastar, Pape Armand Boye, Pilotfilm, reecover, Popshopboys, Icke & Er, Flowin' Immo, St.PauliJazzkapelle, Tom Deluny, Omnibuzz, Revoluzza, Helmut Mittermaier, Capt Ahab

You could also check him out at http://www.timspohn.com/

Tim requested an Interface that takes care of his ever changing Backline. The Interface should be capable to recognize if there's an amp with or without an effects loop, depending on this the signal will be routed internally.
He also wanted to have a Midi In and Out connection and an isolated Output for Stereo (I used a Lehle LTHZ for this).

And now finally some pictures for you :)





Kind regards,

Dominik :)

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